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Explorist 600 And Deet Bug Spray Warning


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today I got all dressed up for some hiking in thoe woods. so I put on my pant straps to keep the bugs out and some 100% deet from wally world. grabbed my gps and head out the door, only to be presentrd with a gooey sticking substance on the sides of my new explorist 600 by the time I got to my car(less that 2 minutes). should have known better but I remember old threads that deet affected some gps devices such as screens if it came into contact with it. well seems true again for the new explorist the middle rubber grip around the outside of it becomes soft and sticky if you get deet on it, Iguess it could be a chemical reation to the 2 items. anyways I wasn't happy but decided to pass it on.


never had a problem with the old sprotraks but I guess there's more rubber on the explorists but no damage was done in the end I let it dry over and evporate over a hour.

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I learned long ago that DEET and plastics don't mix.


My solution? Put the insect repellent on the BACKS of your hands, rub them together to spread it around a bit, then apply it to your face, arms, clothes, etc. (I do the same thing w/ sunscreen, so my bincoculars, gps, etc. don't get gooey)


This keeps your fingers free of the stuff.


Alternatively, drip/spray the repellent onto a handkerchief, then apply it to yourself.


Finally, it pays to either wash your hands afterward or, if you're on the trail, keep a couple alcohol wipes or a pack of baby wipes to clean your fingers afterward, before touching anything plastic.

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I thought the 100% stuff was for use on your clothes and stuff.


I've never had a problem with Deep Woods Off, and I don't think that's even 40%

Never put DEET onto clothing, this is a good way to ruin something like a gortex jacket.

It works just fine on cotton. Be careful with some synthetics.

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