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Howdy All!

I'm a former resident of Cleveland Hts. and, after 7 years of it, I HAD to move back west (Y'all don't have enough sunshine for my AZ desert-doggie skin). I'm now in CO which has 300+ days of sunshine/year vs. y'all's 60-something. (Are my stats causing some envy, or are y'all ready to pummel me?)


My intent, beyond the two choices above, is to actually give notice of my return to Clev. this summer for a visit :blink: ! I've been checking out some of the caches in the 44118 zip code and am thrilled at how many places I once knew will be familiar to me as I bound around in my attempt to meet (or exceed) my goal of 50 caches whilst there. It looks more than do-able, so far.


If any of you are interested, I'm up for meeting any of you who can spare a moment or two. I do have some major obligations in between all the caching, but I'll be available via email to make arranagements.


I will also try to induct some muggles into the far superior existence we share as geocachers so you have some more fun folk to keep an eye on.




Feel free to email me with enticements to do YOUR caches, or suggestions of Not-to-miss caches. I'll be hitting Columbus for the better part of a week, too, if you have any news of caching down that way.


Thanks in advance. I got to know Cleveland pretty well and you folks are still among the best in the world--despite yer weather conditions. I'm quite excited about this reunion.


Looking forward to hearing from some of you...

"Anne Bonney"

aka: Julie from Evans, CO (northern part of the state)

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I've been relatively "dormant" as far as caching goes for the last few years, but things at work are lightening up a bit, and I'm looking to get back out on the hunt again (besides, I don't want all of these new "phone cachers" to start passing me up on the statistics page!).


I headed to geochums.com to catch up with some of the latest goings-on locally, only to discover that the page won't load (connection timeout error)!

Is this due to temporary technical difficulties, or has the community moved to a new address?


Looking forward to reconnecting!



Matt ("Mr. Nomad" of NH Nomads)

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Thank you for the response and the link. I tried to sign in to the group, but my geochums login information didn't seem to transfer to the new group, and I do not want to create a Facebook account....


That's kind of a bummer. I think that the Geochums page took a step backwards. The Facebook format is not quite as useful as the forum is. I could not find any topic categories, there is no place to post questions (maybe if I had signed in, that would be different), and the search doesn't seem to be particularly powerful.


Guess I'll just have to wait for the next nearby event to ask my local cache questions, now!

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