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    Thank you for the response and the link. I tried to sign in to the group, but my geochums login information didn't seem to transfer to the new group, and I do not want to create a Facebook account.... That's kind of a bummer. I think that the Geochums page took a step backwards. The Facebook format is not quite as useful as the forum is. I could not find any topic categories, there is no place to post questions (maybe if I had signed in, that would be different), and the search doesn't seem to be particularly powerful. Guess I'll just have to wait for the next nearby event to ask my local cache questions, now!
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    I've been relatively "dormant" as far as caching goes for the last few years, but things at work are lightening up a bit, and I'm looking to get back out on the hunt again (besides, I don't want all of these new "phone cachers" to start passing me up on the statistics page!). I headed to geochums.com to catch up with some of the latest goings-on locally, only to discover that the page won't load (connection timeout error)! Is this due to temporary technical difficulties, or has the community moved to a new address? Looking forward to reconnecting! Thanks, Matt ("Mr. Nomad" of NH Nomads)
  3. There are two main reasons for which I would personally like to see the "distinct" stats feature re-implemented. The one I mentioned above was that I liked to use it as a "checksum". This is probably the more practical of reasons. I liked to be able to tell at a glance, after a day of caching, if I had accidentally hit the submit button twice on a cache (easy for me to do with the mobile device). As it is now, I don't see any discrepancy until I have loaded a PQ into GSAK and generated my stats there. For this reason, having "distinct" located SOMEWHERE in our profile (not necessarily our public profile) would be a handy reference. The second reason may be more controversial. I realize that there are many cachers (at least, in our area) that will attend events that have temporary caches placed (caches which are not published on geocaching.com, nor would they even be considered for publication). The event coordinators allow - even encourage - logging those temporary caches by re-submitting an "attended" log for the event. This skews the statistics page in several ways. I guess the controversy here is that I like to be able to "brag" that I have actually made a specific effort for each of the officially published caches that I've logged. For this purpose, I will continue to use the findstatgen macro in GSAK (I have other issues with the geocaching stats page anyway!). Maybe part of me just likes to know if other users are "purists" like me, when I see how quickly their cache counts are racking up! For that reason, having a "checkbox" option on the stats page to allow a user to hide the distinct cache count from the publicly-viewable profile may accomplish its purpose (similar to the way we now have the option to hide the stats page completely).
  4. I may be overlooking it, but is there anywhere at all in the geocaching.com interface where we can find our "unique" or "distinct" cache count? I am using GSAK now, but as far as I'm concerned, it's an extra step since for years I've been able to just glance at my profile page to see if I had any duplicate logs!
  5. I have used the "unique finds" as a sort of checksum when making sure I haven't accidentally submitted duplicate logs. A quick search as to where the unique find count had gone brought up this thread, I didn't realize that it has been gone for several months. Just to weigh in: I do use the unique finds statistic, and would like to see it implemented again. Thank you for your consideration. "NH Nomads"
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