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Locating Benchmarks Found Online


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hey all, while caching i found a BMark - snapped a picture of it (which i can't upload right now, but will later) - and now am trying to locate it online -


i've tried the nearest benchmarks link on the cache page we were near, but nothing is ringing a bell -


any suggestions until i post the pic? (tomorrow am)




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I'm not having much luck searching in the Geocache database. What were the coordinates at/near the benchmark? I've searched on the National Geodetic Survey website for a 30 mile radius around N30, W90 degrees, which was a coordinate listed for the park. No luck. The mark might be outside that range, though, as the park is elongated. Thoughts?

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Hi Jenn,


GH 55 Is likely right. There are many survey monuments which we may come across in our travels, but not all of them are in the the database which Geocaching uses to play the benchmark hunting Game. if it is not, then we cannot use it as a game piece.


If you are interested in hunting these more specifically, we have found it works best to look in the database for included game piece benchmarks in our local area and then specifically try to go find them.


We hunt only Survey markers that are kept track of by the National Geodetic Survey. What you have found is a monument that was placed by a different agency, the USGS or Geological Survey. While some USGS monuments are listed and included in the NGS data, many are not, and so some times when we happen across these as a matter of course, we can play the game with them, and other times we can't.


Sorry, I wish we could help you more, but if you like, there was a recent post here in the forum, I would say within the last few weeks, where someone had started a webpage for listing survey marks that are not listed on geocaching. Perhaps you would like to see if anyone else has found this mark, or, you could add it to that list, and the Benchmark FAQ Page has a lot of other great information you may find helpful to know if you find anymore of these while Geocaching.


Have Fun!



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I'm with the other responders, on this one. Give some additional information, such as the lat/long where you found it, or the identification of a nearby benchmark.


Using NGS wildcards, a name search of Kentucky benchmarks came up nil for:


8 JW

8 J





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i tend to agree with most posters -


this was one i stumbled on, not one that i sought out - i actually have a few benchmark finds under my belt so am mostly familiar with hunting them - we just came on this one by accident and i thought i'd snag it - though i didn't realize there are some benchmarks NOT in the NGS database - you learn something new everyday!


i also came up with a big fat zero on the 'other' search - thanks to those who suggested it.


and for those asking, the nearest cache is this one:



thanks all!



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Ditto on the map. Interesting area...would love to explore it, someday.


I did a search with NGS outward ten miles from N37-49-08, W083-34-45. Closest mark was SWIFT at 1.9 miles. No descriptions matching what was stamped on the disk.


My conclusion: It's simply one of the numerous disks that are not in the data base.



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