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Stuck Cache


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Is it a multi? From what I understand, some of the more complex caches may take more time to approve. There may be something related to its placement which brought a question to the approver's mind. Some of mine went through more of a process than others. I found that the plain old traditional caches get approved most quickly.


Good luck to you in your approval process.

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Colorado is a little backed up right now, but I'm sure it will be handled soon. Puzzles and multis are more work to review so traditionals are usually handled first.


I noticed you didn't include the actual final coords of your puzzle. The local reviewer will ask for those. You can save time by posting a note with them now.

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OK, I just glanced at it and didn't really read it carefully. I'm just so accustomed to seeing "the cache is not at the above coordinates" that my mind automatically assumed that when I saw the big question mark. IMNSHO I would suggest adding "the cache IS at the above coordinates, but you will need to determine the combo" or some such.

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To the person that did this you need to seek professional help now. The amount of anger and time that you put into destroying my cache is the sign of a

severe mental problem. I am guessing that torturing small animals has progressed into this. I do take consolation in knowing that someday you will be

getting all the love you need and deserve in jail. I must be so proud of yourself, but you don't realize how pathetic you really are and this is your way

of getting back at the GC community for what was probably a perceived (minor or no) injustice. Seek professional help now before your impotence turns

more deadly.

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Wow. Bummer! :rolleyes:


I say it is best not to give much attention to people who do such things. They tend to watch and enjoy the negative remarks, so the less attention, the better. I say change logs to mundane stuff and wait a bit before fixing. Also maybe make it a member's only cache for a bit when you do so. That way anyone who wants to mess with it at least has to dish out some money first (and also open themselves to tracing through this web site). Also write to contact. They might be able to trace some page views for you.

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