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New to this and getting new eqpt.

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I just mailed-in my wife's "Marlboro Miles" in order to receive an etrex TrailScout GPS by Garmin, and an AllPoints Digital Compass by Sherrill. Are these models going to let me do what I need? Also, anyone in the Kansas City KS/MO area willing to let me tag along with them to see just how this all works, while I'm waiting for my new toys?? (Providing I get good enough reviews on the epuipment)! Thanks, Bill

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Welcome to the sport, Cash! I've not heard of the Garmin model you described, but I use a Garmin Etrex "yellow" and have found 65 caches with it.

It's about all you need for entry level caching. Maybe as you get into the hobby you'll desire something with more sophistication that lets you do mapping functions, downloading databases, etc. but for now the Etrex will work just fine. The digital compass I'm not sure about, not knowing exactly what it is your getting, or your intended use. One "trick" we cachers use when the GPS starts acting erratic because of poor satelite reception is to switch it to Heading mode and use a compass to point us to the cache. This involves using an inexpensive plastic compass with a rotating degree ring and sighting an imaginary line to the cache. See past posts here on geocaching.com for more info on that trick. I'm just not sure if the digital compass you described has that functionality. I hope some experienced cachers in the KC area take you up on your desire to tag along. You might also check to see if there is an established geocaching club in the area. Here in Georgia, the GA Geocaching Assn. (GGA) has monthly meetings and we welcome newcomers to come out and learn about the sport.

Good luck and have fun

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"Yellow" is the color shown in the catalog, with red "e"and black "trex" with black and yellow partial globe (South/North America, Africa etc) at top. I was hoping this wasn't some kind of rip-off, being sort-of "free" and all, and being absolutely ZERO experienced with such. I AM an avid metal detectorist/treasure hunter who just found out about you (Geocache) yesterday. What fun! Can hardly wait to get started. Anybody hide anything requiring metal detecting to find?? Thanks for the info, Bill

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Hello Cash Cacher and welcome to Geocaching! I am one of the forum moderators for the "Getting Started" forum.


I have not heard of a Garmin model called the "TrailScout" and a quick search of these forums and of Garmin's website did not turn up any mentions of this term. I am betting that what you ordered was the basic yellow eTrex. Thousands of geocachers do just fine with this unit, either as a starter unit before moving up to one of the advanced models, or for keeps. You can learn more about what others think of the Yellow eTrex in the GPS Units and Software forum.


Our Guidelines and Requirements for Hiding a Cache prohibit buried caches (meaning that a pointy object is required to dig for them), since most of us don't have metal detectors and a search for a buried cache would be destructive to the surrounding environment. That doesn't mean, however, that your metal detector is useless. Some folks use one for searching out an ammo box buried under snow or heavy ground cover. Won't help much with tupperware, though.


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cool, thank you. I can see this will be my next "addiction"! My wife is soon to learn the GPS isn't going to anyone else (but me) for Christmas! I will be reading all your posts while I wait to get started. I think when I get my GPS, a lot of my questions will be answered with the manual. Is there anyone out there in K.C. KS/MO who would like help lookin' around? AND LOVE THOSE CHIEFS!! HA

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I've sometimes considered using a metal detector for caches but have always been of the mindset that this was cheating for some reason.


When you look at it in the context presented by Keystone Approver it seems less like cheating.


I suppose if I would feel better about using one if it was limited to use in a situation as presented, where the terrain was obscured by snow.


Anyone share this view, or am I holding myself to an un-neccesarily high standard?


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I got my gps through Marlboro also. I almost didn't get it since I had no clue what to do with it. I went online to see how much they cost since it required a $25 payment, and that is how I found geocaching. At the garmin site you can compare features and this one does everything the others can, except more hi-tech stuff the really expensive ones can do and I have no use for that. I have had wonderful results. I did have to learn that if you aren't moving the gps doesn't know where you are going, and suddenly the arrow points behind you. I thought it was broken. Now I just back up and start walking to get the arrow to kick back in to directing me. Of the 4 adults I have taken on the 1st few "hunts", all want a unit of their own!!! icon_smile.gif

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Regarding the compass thing, that got me for a while too, until I read this.


I picked up a magnetic compass at a cache and it has proved invaluable.


Since the FAQ question said GPS bearing is always correct, I have been checking the bearing numbers against the compass. It works every time...


I have read other posts about people using a real compass as they get close, and I have found that advice some of the best I have pulled outta here yet.



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