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Extreme Errors


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holograph has started a neat new website called Extreme Benchmark Hunting. He also started a thread called Extreme Benchmarking in the regular Benchmark Hunting forum to talk about it. His method of listing the extremes by various catagories in each state is one of the main methods that I have of identifying possible errors in the NGS database. This is why several people have started waving their hands to identify problems in his list. Most of the time, the problems are in the database. Use the opportunity to research the problems and then send it in to the NGS, making sure you include the PID, the designation and a careful description of the problem, including any research that you did and possible explanations that might help them find the problem. For example, I found a group of 5 stations that had obviously incorrect elevations. I estimated their elevation from topozone. Playing with the numbers a bit, it became obvious that the elevations were recorded in feet but entered in meters. Problem and solution in one package. I've started this thread to allow specific problems to be listed so we don't step on each others toes. Although the research isn't necessary, having the PID and a brief description of the problem will help all of us know what problems have been identified. Plus, I'll be able to add it to my list of errors identified by geocaching and reported to the NGS.

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Did you find SG0166?


I was in the area and its all private land. Heavily wooded area as well as much shore erosion.


Mean Lake Superior water level is 602 ft

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Looking at Arizona, it's oldest and oldest least recovered PID is DA0048, K 319. The PID's monumentation date is in error, because the stamping on the mark is listed as 1952, in the datasheet. Also, the monumenting description sounds modern, not mid 1800s. I've reported this to Cheryl.

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