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  1. Probably related to some local project or property boundary.
  2. A quote from another post by DaveD
  3. I noticed this before and I think I recall that someone mentioned (years ago) that they were mining geocach recovery notes for that data. Someone derived a script to collect that data, if I recall correctly.
  4. fyi PS - The abbreviation "U. E." stands for Useful Elevation.
  5. https://www.iers.org/IERS/EN/Organization/organization.html
  6. Z15


    VERTCON – North American Vertical Datum Conversion The NAVD 88 height was computed by applying the VERTCON shift value to the NGVD 29 height (displayed under SUPERSEDED SURVEY CONTROL.)
  7. I am sure they will..You just need to contact the NGS advisor for your state. https://geodesy.noaa.gov/ADVISORS/
  8. from a post years ago
  9. Note USGS is an agency in the Dept of the Interior NGS is an agnecy in the Dept of Commerce, Nat'l Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) They have/had different mandate/missions. USGS does NOT publish a lot of their work unless requested. I knew of the USGS guys at a local water level branch as they had a field office in our DOT bldg. They monitored water levels and did stream surveys on those tributary to Lake Michigan and Superior. Their info was office specific and a lot of the data collection has been automated now.
  10. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish on whats involved in a level run check. See this pdf doc, page 12 Network Geometry for Replacing One or Two 1st Order Bench Marks. Can also be used to check a mark ►https://transportation.ky.gov/Highway-Design/Documents/NGS Benchmark Reset Procedures 2007.pdf Using just one mark assumes the mark used is accurate but no way to prove it.
  11. I would not report it as poor. The rod may be ok, the header may have sunk down. Her what NGS wrote one make here
  12. Federal property as well. Reason? People are searching for and taking/stealing Artifacts and souvenirs, and there are laws prohibiting taking anything whatsoever. You so much as dig on federal property, especially any historic area, you could be arrested. The Park Service was up in arms when someone removed foundations ruins in the local Nat"l Historic Park here, its federal crime even though is was just deteriorated stone and rubble, it was a valuable historic artifacts no matter what perceived value.
  13. A dolphin is a man-made marine structure that extends above the water level and is not connected to shore.
  14. Its the center point for reference..........................
  15. I looked for and or found most BM's within a 100 miles of my location that were able to reach. Some remote ones I did not bother to look for if the ATV could not reach the area or it was on private and or occupied land. I only found one cache and it was by accident as it happened to be at a remote boat ramp in plain sight (hanging in a tree) near a NOS mark. Other than that non interested is cache's. Bench Marks relate to the history of the area and that's what peeks my interest. Lots of work around here during the 1930's depression era. Been in the surveying field from 1972-2002 as a Survey Tech for state DOT.
  16. That is Bench Mark #1. An elevation point for some survey job. https://www.berntsen.com/Surveying/Specialty-Markers/BenchTies/ctl/ViewProduct/mid/598/itemID/487 BenchTie - The Vertical Surface Control Point Recessed dimple on top for prism pole High visibility tag for marking data Resections are made instantly and accurately Light weight Pre drill to set in concrete Use in trees or poles as permanent or temporary benchmarks The revolutionary vertical surface control point, BenchTie can be used on trees and poles. BenchTie comes with a high visibility tag for marking data. It is molded around a five-inch (127mm) hardened zinc-coated spike. Other features include a recessed dimple on top and a high-density lightweight casing. Available in high visibility yellow. PS - Its not unusual for some small projects where no vertical control is nearby to use an assumed elevation for cost savings. Also that they are often placed in areas that won't be disturbed so its survives any project work. They are planing or investigating the feasibility of building something nearby I would presume and probably mapped the area.
  17. I have recovered a few marks into Wisconsin when I was working at Michigan DOT. Once was assigned to occupy this BM along a railroad West if Pembine, Wis. I had to get permission to cross private property to reach the mark. Another time I was on a Station along US 141 Wausaukee Wis when a local property owner walked by and looked at my state truck and come over and asked me if I was aware I was lost? Drew some attention sitting there for 6 hrs. QM0023_MAGNETIC: N = NO MAGNETIC MATERIAL QM0023_STABILITY: B = PROBABLY HOLD POSITION/ELEVATION WELL QM0023_SATELLITE: THE SITE LOCATION WAS REPORTED AS SUITABLE FOR QM0023+SATELLITE: SATELLITE OBSERVATIONS - April 15, 1992 QM0023 QM0023 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By QM0023 HISTORY - 1934 MONUMENTED CGS QM0023 HISTORY - 19920415 GOOD MIDT QM0023 HISTORY - 20010331 MARK NOT FOUND NGS QM0023 HISTORY - 20051115 MARK NOT FOUND WIDT QM0023 QL0664 CBN - This is a Cooperative Base Network Control Station. QL0664 DESIGNATION - WAUSAUKEE GPS QL0664 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By QL0664 HISTORY - 1989 MONUMENTED WIHD QL0664 HISTORY - 19900719 GOOD QL0664 HISTORY - 19971001 GOOD WIHD QL0664 HISTORY - 20010411 GOOD MIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20040423 GOOD GEOCAC QL0664 HISTORY - 20051128 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20080908 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20140801 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20150803 GOOD WIDT
  18. Not only is it not permitted in Nat'l parks, it can be a felony and get you arrested. I recall years ago we (state DOT) had one of our licensed surveyors arrested for digging for a section corner on nat't park land. The said corner was an original from the 1800's. In addition to metal detecting, federal law also prohibits relic hunting, digging for artifacts, and removing artifacts or historical objects. These acts are illegal and can lead to confiscation of equipment, arrest, and prosecution as a felony under federal law. Penalties may include fines of up to $10,000 and possible prison time. 36 Code of Federal Regulations 2.1(a)(7) - the possessing or use of a metal detector magnetometer, side scan sonar, other metal detecting device or subbottom profiler is prohibited. Archeological Resource Protection Act 1979 - All natural, cultural, and archeological resources are protected and may not be removed or disturbed.
  19. U.S Engineers is the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (COE). ►https://www.swt.usace.army.mil/
  20. Even the basic surveyor now uses GPS technology. Like on my DOT survey crew, it replaced people. I use to have a 2-3 man crew but when we got FHA funding to go GPS around 2000 I got 3 GPS receivers + established state wide CORS. They equipped all the DOT Survey crews with either GPS andor robotic total station/laptop computers etc and 1-man mapping and construction layout crew. GPS Technology replaced a lot of survey jobs. Cultural Changes. For a $100,000 (more or less) they could provide a vehicle, 3 GPS receivers, misc equipment and replace a crew of 2-4 men cutting out wages, benefits and travel expenses so they could hire more managers (engineers). FHA - Federal Highway Administration. CORS - GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM CONTINUOUSLY OPERATING REFERENCE STATIONS
  21. It means IMO that times have changed and there is no useful purpose for them anymore, obsolete, out-dated, old technology not applicable to modern time. Waste of time and resources continuing etc. Similar to how cell phone are making land lines obsolete.
  22. Not matter the original intention of the survey mark, position or elevation, subsequent work could have both. In other words, triangulation stations were later leveled to and had elevations determined. Also Bench Marks (elevation points) are routinely used for GPS. Why? Because they are there and fit the project.
  23. Bench Marks all across bridge at water level....
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