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Tb Motels


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Seems very specific, doesn't it?


I never quite got the concept of a TB hotel. Any cache of appropriate size can hold TBs. I find that any of my bugs that are unfortunate enough to get placed in a TB hotel tend to stay there longer.


If there is just one bug in a cache, people often take it. If there are 10 bugs, then your own bug is more likely to hang around longer.


Most hotels have a rule that "don't take a bug unless you're leaving one". That seems counter-intuitive to the goal of having a cache to help bugs move along. If I visit a TB hotel and don't have a bug, I'm not allowed to take a bug even though I might be able to help it on it's goal.

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A "TB hotel" is just a restriction on cache contents, such as caches that exist for trading old paperbacks, kids-only items, baseball cards, etc. It's not really a cache "type" like Traditional or Unknown and as such, I don't think it needs its own cache type.


If anything, you'd have better luck petitioning this as a cache attribute, although not as a "Travel Bug Hotel" attribute, but a more generic one such as "Special Trading Restrictions" or something, so it could also cover the above examples.

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TB Hotels should be urban locations in a sea of urban micros that let you easitly drop off a bug that would not otherwise be dropped off any time soon.


True maybe it hangs out in a hotel where it isnt' picked up. But at least it has the option. Sitting in someones geat bag isn't the way to make a bug travel either.


My hotel has no dorky rules about keeping inmates since obviously the goal of a bug is to move on and either achieve a goal or just keep on trucking.


I'm not sure if a specific cache type is the way to go, or an attribute. The question comes up enough to where it's obviouse that people want to be able to find these in an area.

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I think I like the idea of an attribute for TB hotels. I don't think that it deserves its own cache type.


Somewhat off-topic, TB hotels are very tricky. On one hand, they should be accessible enough that they get plenty of traffic to keep the bugs moving. On the other hand, they should be well enough concealed that the TBs are not lost to 'muggle attack'.

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