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Print Preview Problem

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When I use print preview to look at any cache page only page 1 shows correctly. Any other page displays just the header and footer. The rest of the page is empty. This is a recent occurrence. I have not made any changes to my setup but suspect this started with the the recent site update. Is there a fix for this?

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The GC#### does not matter. It happens with any page on the geocaching.com site. I have windowsME, IE ver 5.5. To my knowledge nothing has been changed on my computer. That doesn't mean the problem is not on my side. I just don't know where the problem is. For me, print preview works correctly on any other web site but not on geocaching.com. I've had to resort to cut and paste to print any page other than page 1. This problem just started recently.

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I happen to have an older computer here running Win2K and IE5.5. It worked fine there, too.


Since "pages" are not really a function of the site, but dependent on your printer, the margins you have set, whether its set for portrait or landscape, as well as other factors, I'm inclined to say its on your end.


Any other page displays just the header and footer.

What header and footer? The ones defined when you go to File-->Print Setup? What happens if you change or blank those out? What if you change the orientation or margins?

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try the link for print friendly output -


Make this page print-friendly (no logs)


I use this all the time and have had no trouble - with single or multiple page caches.


if you want the clue decoded do so before you click the print link -


then when you see the page you can opt to click it again for the last 5 logs.


hope this helps -



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I still have an issue with print-preview and print not working on pages 2 and higher of any cache page.


Selecting "printer-friendly" mode will not show/print log entries. But that's what I want to print. I am using Windows 98 and IE 5.5. I do not experience this problem on any other website. I still believe this is a bug in the new version of GC.com.

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The above suggestions is the best one in general. There are other ways to do it, giving you even more flexibility, based on the following information: If you look at the URL that you get when you click on print-friendly it ends with:


if you replace that with


then you get the logs, 10 of them (you can replace the 10 with your favorite number), and automatic decryption. You can experiment with that and get pretty much exactly what you want.


I doubt you will want to manually type that in each time. But if you copy the replacement characters above to your clipboard, then pasting it after blocking the former can be faster than clicking twice on the various links and waiting for two or three page-loads (depending on your manual dexterity).

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