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0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz in each digit slot is Base 36. (or did I miss a digit?)


So you need a base 36 translator to convirt the base 36 waypoint number into decimal (base 10).


I re-read your description. The above doesn't look like it applies.


It could be


A B C...

1 2 3...


The challenge might be to figure out the system.

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By "Numerology" they probably mean the quackery of turning names into numbers.

There are languages where letters themselves are used for numbers, so that names/words/strings/whatever really do (or at least can) have numerical meaning. Some of these languages are strongly associated with a particular religious practice.


The most obvioius examples would be Hebrew and Greek.


I am sharing this (gently and non-stridently I hope) so you don't unintentionally offend folks in mixed religious company.



always intrigued by comparitive theology

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