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False Log Information!!!!


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I only read a few of the posts, but I'm in general agreement to get over it.


As for the logs, if you're going to use them for hints of size, you'll need to do better than the first five if you're looking at a micro. I've seen stuff left outside the cache container because it couldn't fit in it. Also, if you're looking for a smaller container, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find one just a little larger than expected.

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Even if you aren't into the numbers thing, I'd relog the find. You found it, you deserve it.


Agreed. How nice she came here to clarify and apologize. There was a lesson learned in the end.

Thank you everybody for your responses to my original post, I really appreciate your input and did learn a lot from it. I didn't mention the area or the cachers involved because I didn't think it was necessary to do so. I was just looking to other cachers for their input on a particular situation, not a specific cache.


Shoebugs, I definitely think you should go back and change your note back to a find, you did find it. It was not my intent to upset you and have you change your log. It was my problem to jump to conclusions about the size of the container.


Quadrod: If I had been there a month and a day earlier, I would be driving that Ford Truck.


Kai Team: I agree with your works of wisdom, thanks for them and now lets read them and get down to the task at hand, "time for everyone to get over it and get back to having fun geocaching!"


If I upset anybody else, I am sorry, I was just looking for information....wornout

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Hey Wornout....


No harm done. I'm really glad that I have those near and dear to me keeping the spirit of fun alive. If Geocaching stops being fun...I won't do it anymore. I'll re-log that find after you log it on your next trip out here. My advice to you would be that if you ever read another log about a glow in the dark golf ball....look really hard because there might be a Ford truck hidden near by. (just kidding)

Be healthy, Happy Caching,


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