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Just tossing around a few ideas and wanted some input.

Here's my plan sofar...


I'm starting a Job as of Feb.12th and I'll finally be able to afford placing a few new caches, but there's a catch... I want to make a series and I was wondering if anyone in the North Pelham, Louth, Rockway, St.Catherines, Thorold, Lincoln (You should get the hint by now) area would be intereted in some serious caches. A well ploted series of "Cliffhanger" caches. I was thinking of exploiting some of the Niagara Escarpments most breathtaking rockwalls by sticking caches in, and around, them. B)


So the simple question is how popular would a cache be if it was rated a beastly 5 or 4.5 on the terrain scale.:anibad:


(The caches MAY compaire to my Decew-Detour)







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I know that I won't be one of the ones visiting your cache... no offence but I prefer keeping my feet on the ground. I am concerned about the idea (okay, call me paranoid if you wish).


The Hamilton Conservation Authorities pulled caches that were 'on the edge' and were considered environmentally unsound and a danger. Remember, the Niagara Escarpment is a UNESCO-designated World Biosphere Reserve. I'm sure you will keep that in mind when placing your caches.


I've seen climbers on Rattlesnake Point (where there is designated climbing areas) pull some really stupid stunts - and that is with full equipment and supposed knowledge of what they were doing.


We each have our ideas of what makes a good cache and I guess I'm in the minority on this page - I like a good hide and great scenery without any risks to myself or my surroundings.


Good luck on your caches. I hope everyone who visits them stays safe.

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Not wanting to give it away...but

I had in mind a cache that would be attempted fromt he Bottom climbing slightly up, and/or out towards it... Any that would be from above would keep security in mind. The security of the Cacher and of the environment surrounding him/her.:blink:


I, in no way, will place a cache that is likely to cause any harm to anyone, but I do wish to induce a feeling of fear and thrill in the cachers while they attempt the cache. There are several key spots I have in mind, they are not an easy hike, and they ARE dangerous, though you risk a twisted ankle or a broken limb, not your life. :huh:


My worry now is getting the caches past the approvers...<_<


(P.S. the caches will be placed sometime in march-april, so it won't be snowy and they will be clearly marked as DRY-DAY Caches, no nighting, no winters or rainny days...) <_<




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First off I enjoyed both 'Decew Detour' and the original 'Are you afraid of the dark?' that were placed by you. Geocaching/Clayjar does cover the 'special apparatus' topic too and as long as you described in detail what a seeker should expect then I don't see a problem.


However, like Amazon Annie said... the Niagara Escarpment is a World Biosphere, and Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority has concerns about people's use of their land.


Remember that the entire Escarpment in Niagara is owned either by The Bruce Trail Association or private landowners. While it is true that low-impact hiking is permitted I do not believe this carries over to rock climbing or rapelling.


I myself would enjoy your suggested caches, just be aware of liability of landowners, and be very descriptive in your cache entries.


[8D] The Blue Quasar

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My worry now is getting the caches past the approvers...


I think you might consider rewording this to, "My worry now is getting the caches approved."


This is more likely to have the reviewers view your proposal in a more positive light! :) I think it is what you meant, but it is better to be as clear as possible that you are not trying to dupe them into approving something they really shouldn't.

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