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First Finders Prize


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Hi RM,

Good to hear about the new cache!



Just be aware that anything you put in the cache will be gladly grabbed up but it seems that people just throw junk in. I am really tired of visiting a cache, taking out the bits of broken toys and rusted junk. I have given up trading for the most part (except for an unusual attraction to McAliens for some strange reason - I'm getting help for it though).



I don't know of many cachers that don't like Timmy's. I like Swifteroo's suggestion. I've seen gift certificates for various places in a few caches. They fit in any size container and are easily transferable.

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Yikes! Annie... you've caught my Ranting disease... be aware.. there is no cure... once you begin to Rant, there's no turning back!


I agree with the THD certificate suggestion... makes a great FTF prize. In the past I've made some special First Finder certificates... kinda cheezy, but they do stand out as something unique... I've also put in FTF prizes that are worth more than the regular dollar store stuff... nothing ever more than $10.


I think one of the most important things to do with a brand new cache is to make sure it's filled with brand new stuff, all in the original packaging. My motive here is to shame those who normally leave McJunk into leaving something at least as good as they have left. Unforunately, the cache all too often degrades into a useless pile of crappola, meaning I have to go back for a maintenance visit to relieve the cache of all its flotsam and jetsam and replenish the good stuff.


Honestly, we all spend a pile of dough on gas for our little hobby. A weekly visit to the dollar store isn't gonna kill anybody. If your kid wants to trade his old junk for something new from the cache...just say no (and fill his pockets with some new dollar store stuff).


I leave you with a copy of the stickers I use in all my new caches...





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gift certs. :laughing: great FTF prize. We once gave free passes to the Science centre, I think they were enjoyed. And received yuk yuks tickets, they were definetly enjoyed! but who could refuse some Tims? thats always appreciated.


Its surprising what small things children enjoy, when my daughter finds a cache and gets too trade she almost never picks the big particularly nice thing, she usually looks to the bottom of the cache for the loneliest little figurine or some stray piece of something that only her imagination can find a use for. quite often putting in something of much more value that she has ever so carefully chosen from the depths of her toybox.

"one cachers junk is anothers treasure"

but it sure is encouraging when theres a neat extra initiative to get out there and be the FTF!



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I usually include a FTF envelope in my caches. I have given away Timmies coupons, safeway gift certificates and gas certificates. Anywhere from $5 to $10.


Its so cold in Alberta now, I would take a free tea/coffee anytime :laughing:


Stay warm,

Vixie :anibad:

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I would have to agree with the Timmie's certifs. It seems they go over quite will. I say seems because I tend not to post that I've left them in there for the FTF'er and have had a few of my caches logged without mention of the certifs being there. I tend to not post it on the page so that it's more of a suprise and it's a little disappointing that $5 worth of certifs go unmentioned on the 1st log. I somethimes wonder why I even go through the expense.


There aren't that many cachers that set up their caches with a ftf suprise in mind. If you're looking at investing $10 to 15 for that purpose then I think a nice SS travel mug would be nice or you can consider $10 worth for the ftf and $5 for the stf.


I must add that GPSVixen really likes her Timmie's and is really happy when she does find them and she can be happy to know that the ftf I scooped her on yesterday didnt have her favorite timmie's in it :lol: ( I just had to add that) She's also one of a handfull that seem to leave somethig for the ftf in all or most of her caches.


I can't say I'm too eager to go out and replenish my caches with new swag. It started out with new items, mostly purchased from the dollar store or liquidation world, and degraded to junk by the cachers that hunt it. If it's a disappointment for them when they find the cache then they can thank the cachers before them.


Ok that was a bit of a rant. :ph34r:


No matter what you leave, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. :lol:

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There are lots of good suggestions already in the thread. Another thing most cachers really enjoy is a set of unactivated TB tags to make their own bug.


(Having said which, we deliberately don't always put FTF prizes in our caches, because we don't think there should be an expectation that every first find must get a prize. Bragging rights and the fun of signing a blank logbook are worth a lot in and of themselves. :ph34r: )

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I most always leave an FTF certificate. Things I've left are $5 rechargeable Starbucks cards, Tim's certs., unused TB tags, small cache containers like 100ml Lock'N'Locks to prompt someone to maybe hide a multi, bison tubes from Sissy-N-CR's cache store, and perhaps a geocoin. The latest has a Washington State geocoin in it.


As others have mentioned, it gets a little discouraging though when you've placed these things in your cache only to do maintenance and find McCrap left behind after about 4 months time.


At the same time, there are a few unspoken cachers who really do come up with some awesome signature items and even some of those items would be great FTF prizes. One cacher, now retired, made this great little backpacker's stove (single burner) out of recycled pop cans. I would take something like that anyday over some of the dollar store junk.

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I have some Canadian Geocoins that are not registered yet. When I place the cache that I have been working on, one of those coins will be the ftf prize. I have instructions to reach me to have the ownership of the coin transferred. The ftfer would then have the choice as to whether they circulate, or save the coin.

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