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Cache Camera Etiquette?

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Found our first disposable camera in a cache yesterday. As luck would have it, we took a photo and then realized it was the last on the roll.

What is the appropriate thing to do with spent cameras? We didn't know, so left it there and emailing the cache owner.


The Bigg Family "Delta-S"

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That would be my guess as to what to do with it.


I had a friend that went on vacation in Belize and when they got back someone had taken some pictures of their male private parts. She figures someone on the hotel staff came in and used her camera while she left it in the room. When she took the film to get developed they had her film on hold and the manager questioned her and gave her the "this is illegal" type speech. She still didin't have a clue until he showed her the pictures and she explained what must have happened.


Point of story - You never know what you'll be developing when you leave your camera in the hands of others.



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I agree with others about just notifying the owner (or Renegade Knight's really really nice suggestion).


I've heard of people taking the camera and developing it themselves, with the intent of returning the photos to the cache owner. While well-intentioned, that might annoy me... for example, I plan to have the lab provide digital images as well, so if someone just sent me prints, I'd have to scan them myself. (And then I'm stuck with flatbed scans of prints rather than film scans of the negative.)

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