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Kauai Caching- Feb


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Which ones are good? The ones you find! You'll be in Hawaii so even the DNF's are welcome. I'd like to DNF over there now - rather than go through this next storm. :lol:


We were there for two weeks and I only hunted three and placed one [you now can't place vacation caches]. The hottest beach (burn your feet off hot) was at Polihale. We enjoyed Wedding Bells which is at the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. My favorite cache has been archived due to being muggled too many times (Beyond the Land Called Hanalei).


The beaches change by season so our favorite snorkling place (at Stars On The Water) may not be the place to go in February. However, the drive to it is not to be missed!


As pointed out, Hawaii is infested with bugs! ;) I'm talking about Travel Bugs. Everyone takes them out there but no one brings them back. I think three quarters of the caches currently have travel bugs. Do your research before collecting them and bringing a bunch back though, because it's possible a travel bugs mission was to go to Hawaii and rot. :rolleyes:


Look! A Hawiian Frog

---> :unsure: <----

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Thanks for the replies folks. I'll have a look for TB's. I', trying to narrow down the Hawaii caches to those on Kauai. Can't seem to find a way to search for only those ones. Guess I just have to hit the "nearest caches" button.


So...are there any cachers who are actually on Kauai who would like to meet for a bevvy?

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We were on Kauai in June '03 and will be going back this May. I already have a map of all the Kauai caches printed out, they are loaded into my GPS and I'm working on printing out the pages. It is my goal to hit as many as possible. We'll be staying on Poipu and there are several within walking distance of our hotel. I can't wait to go! I'll watch for TBs while we're there too. If anyone has some that need to go that way, see if you can get your bugs to Tucson and I'll take them out.


BTW...the zipcode on Kauai is 96756

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