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  1. I see the same thing. On IE 6 I get a blank green box and a bunch of JavaScript errors. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...decrypt=y&log=y Overall, I like the new maps though!
  2. Alright, someone want to send me a PQ with the most "common" form of smartname to see if I can reliably guess if it's a smartname or not? What about a waypoint like GCXX? How would I tell if it's actually GCXX or "shortened" from GCGCXX?
  3. There's already caches at some of these places, like this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCNECB
  4. here's mine (boulter): http://boulter.com/geocaching/ motorbug: http://boulter.com/motorbug digitalfish: http://www.lynnmurphy.com/geocaching/
  5. I think I requested that in the past. Anyway, I preprocess my PQs to remove that stuff as well as move "A" and "The" to the end with a comma. This is probably more likely to be implemented in something like GSAK.
  6. I don't know anything about Sound Recording either, but this little program does voice recording nice. Perhaps the author could help. http://www.infinityball.com/soundrec.aspx As for launching a web page - From the PalmOS docs: Opening a Web Page from an Application You can either launch or sublaunch Web Browser from a Palm OS application by using the sysAppLaunchCmdGoToURL launch code. http://www.palmos.com/dev/support/docs/cre...enabledapps.pdf
  7. I wrote my own because any long anagram quickly generates way too many possibilities. http://boulter.com/anagram/ BOULTER = TROUBLE
  8. Two idea that I think would be great for CacheMate: 1. Voice memos. Often when you're in the field, it takes too much time to type in a memo. I know some people who carry around voice recorders instead of writing things down. It would be cool if you could record a voice memo from the cache log view so it would be associated with the cache data and date/time. 2. View this cache online. For Treos and other internet-connected PDAs, I often end up loading a cache's webpage to get updated logs or older info. A menu option that opened the web browser given the GC id would be a huge timesaver. Even better would be if the URLs were templated, so I could modify it with options for the printer-friendly version or to show all logs. Example: I could configure a URL like http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decypt=y and it would launch this URL with the GC# substituted for %WP%. Thanks for considering them.
  9. This has not changed at all since Yahoo bought it. Getting your news from The Register is about the same as reading the Slashdot forums, if you're into that kind of thing. It might be fun, but it's rarely true.
  10. boulter

    New Google Maps

    I've been playing with this: http://boulter.com/gps/maps/
  11. Workerofwood - the first professional geocacher. No fair!
  12. Congrats to MotorBug for reaching 2200 finds and claiming the #10 spot on the leaderboard. Workerofwood goes to Mexico for a week to build houses for poor familes without a GPSr to their name and he's rewarded by being kicked down a notch. With friends like these... Hey, and no one get any funny ideas about the #9 spot.
  13. It was getting kinda crazy maintaining it with 300. Since people are placing 10 caches at a time instead of 1 or 2 these days, 300 isn't what it used to be. So I set to 500 for now. I was expecting to hear a bunch of complaints, but I guess people don't mind. The World Leaderboard has not changed. It has always been 2000.
  14. The exact quote is "Ahh, I love the feel of a virgin logsheet. :-)" You can add that to the list of my logs that dirty old men interpret as sexual references. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...e5-61017406bb6c For some reason FTFs are NOT one of the things I'm obsessed with, but it's nice to get one every once in a while.
  15. I actually toyed with using this in some of my tools, but I'm pretty sure that their data provider Navteq is freaking out about this right now. Google does not have a license allow this kind of thing and I wouldn't be surprised if it went away very soon. It's too bad really, it would have been a great replacement for Tiger, which is the only free alternative out there.
  16. I'm sure Boulter could help with that! I hear he has clippers for that PO... Just getting over my first PO of the year. I'll stay away for a bit.
  17. Huh? There are other uses for ammo cans? I thought there were exclusively made for geocaching containers.
  18. I'll keep my eyes open and take thorough notes/pictures when I see one again. Wish I could remember where I had seen them... It doesn't say you'll be cited, but there are signs in Edgewood County Park where all the caches were removed. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...ca3&LID=5240706
  19. For whatever reason, the move records dialog already fully implements 5-way navigation.
  20. I looked around for similar app with 5-way navigation support and I found that the Memos application is a pretty good case study. When you launch it and are looking at a list of memos, there are blue bars above and below the list. Up and down scroll the list, until the beginning or the end of the list. At that point, pressing up or down moves to other elements on the screen. If you click the center button, the first item in the list is highlighted, and now you can scroll through individual items and select them. Again, you can go up and down until the ends at which point you focus out. In this state you can also hit left or right to focus out of the viewing area. In the initial state, left moves you to the category listing. Press the center button and it pops up. Right brings you down to the new button at the bottom, which you can also select with the center button. If you select a memo, that editing page works similarly. There are more buttons at the top and bottom which you can all select. They did a nice job of making it so you don't have to use a stylus at all, having the ability to scroll through individual items and pages at a time. Snappermail is another product that has good 5-way support. This seems to be the standard for 5-way navigation, so it seems that's how CacheMate should work as well.
  21. Sorry Woof, it's not official until you are presented with a certified certificate.
  22. The web seems fast enough on my Treo 650 and I can load any web page including pictures. Actually every Treo has had this capability.
  23. Alright, the video is up for those of you that missed it or if you're in and and are feeling narcissistic. Watch it here! or you can read my full blog post about it. Nice seeing you all this evening and thanks to the BADGES folks for putting it on.
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