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Temporary Caches For An Event


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Will the geocaching event for your organization be an Event Cache that's open to all area cachers? If so, you can hide other caches and allow people to log the event with multiple finds. This has been done at a few Event Caches I've attended. A lot of cachers frown upon the behaviour though.


If your even isn't listed as an Event Cache, and you just want to hide a few caches to demonstrate to your attendees what geocaching is like, then feel free to do so. It would be a good way to show people what it's all about. However, they wouldn't be able to log any of them as Finds on the site. But if all you're interested in is showing people what the fun is, that wouldn't matter would it?

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Just have the finders log the event multiple times and don't worry about about what others may think. It's not a competition so as long as you are not violating any rules, play the game in a way that makes you comfortable. If you are good with searching posts, you will find one where Jeremy has no problem with people who choose to log their finds this way.


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I held an event recently, and I set up a few caches for the day, they would have met all requirements for official caches if they weren't temporary... As far as logging goes, I just put a note saying

Finders Of such-and-so-forth Cache:







Nobody had any complaints with that method of logging. They didn't get official smilies but they got public recognition of their achievements!


Happy Caching


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My opinion is if the temporary caches don't fall into the guidelines for listing caches, then they don't get a smiley. Of course the guidelines don't allow temps, right? i think the smiley for the event cache or any other permanent caches are fine...


just my opinion....

Crap, I agree with Woodsters.... can I change my vote? <_<

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Thanks all for your input. This event will be just to show people about geocaching. No logging of the temporary caches will be done. However, if they proceed to find official caches already placed within the park, then they may of course establish a log-in name and claim a smiley for finding it.


I am a member and Queen of a Red Hat Society chapter. We have a few interested in geocaching and are going to combine this great hobby of mine with a picnic for 80 ladies wearing red and purple. The caches will be filled with Red Hat merchandise for those who choose to find them. Should be a fun day!



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EdDee....that sounds good, what you just said you were doing. i think we all were assuming, that you wanted to put up some temp caches, log them as finds and then remove them. But, with your last post, that is a bit different. Nothing wrong with making up some unofficial ones and then letting people find them there. i used to do that with my son and his friends. When we were in Massachusetts, i would hide a $10 bill in a micro and hide it within our property (2 acres). I would give them the coordinates and a time limit (normally 20-30 minutes). Whoever found it, got the money. I never lost the money...lol Great for honing your hiding skills....lol

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