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From what I understand, even if your Garmin GPSr supports autorouting, the Metroguide maps do not. I am planning on getting a Vista C in the near future (it supports autorouting). If I want it to work with the autorouting, and not route me "as the crow flies" will I have to buy the CS v6 (expensive!) or can I just upgrade to the MG v6 and the Vista C will route on the streets? :)


(and if you don't understand a word I said there, I don't really understand it either :) )


Currently I have a b&w Legend and MG v5, which routes as the crow flies, but this is beside the point because I know that the Legend does not support auto routing anyway!



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If you want autorouting, you will need to use CitySelect. As TresOkies++ mentioned, MetroGuide maps do not contain autorouting data. You could try and find an older version of MetroGuide (v4 if I recall correctly) on eBay since this version of MetroGuide -does- contain autorouting data.

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Aside from the small percentage of missing roads, MetroGuide 4's "autorouting" is seriously flawed (I.M.H.O.), and the maps are inaccurate. I tried 3 routes, and each of them had some sort of error, like turning from one street onto a parallel street (leaving out the instruction of turning onto the perpendicular street in between). The old map data may display roads that are off by as much as 650 feet in some instances which can leave you guessing as to which road you're actually on or crossing. City Select 5 is by far a superior product! I do not have 6 - haven't felt the need to upgrade yet.

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Thanks, I guess I'll go and get the CitySelect then. I wonder what percentage of roads MG v4 would be missing. ;)


Make sure you get the latest v6 of City Select. Also be aware that you can unlock (City Select maps need to be unlocked for the GPS which they will be used on) two Garmin units per coupon code. If you live in a densly populated area like I do (Los Angeles), don't expect to be able load a ton of City Select maps to the Vista C's 24MB of memory. While 24MB is fine for Topo and other non-memory intensive Garmin maps, City Select maps along with the route calculation data can fill up that 24MB pretty quickly. If you're unfamiliar with Garmins unlock process, read about it here.

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Thanks, I guess I'll go and get the CitySelect then. I wonder what percentage of roads MG v4 would be missing. ;)

I use MG4 on 5 different Garmin devices because it doesn't require unlock codes. I'll politely disagree with Neo_Geo about the quality of the maps, the MG4 maps were so much better than the MG5 maps that I sold MG5 at a loss. The thing that I like about MG4 is that they have some indication of physical features (rivers, lakes, mountains), which MG5 does not have.


In Oklahoma City, the MG4 maps do not have a new turnpike that goes around the NW part of the city. In Dallas, it's missing some of the new roads. The maps are good on established roads. I don't follow my GPS blindly, so this has never been a problem. I let it guide me in a direction and then I use my own judgment to get hopelessly lost.

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I have metroguide usa v5 with the mapsource v6 engine (hmmm sounds like a new car!), and a b/w legend. The only way I have found to get true autorouting out of metroguide is to use the gps as a sensor on the laptop. I then also run the add on application "nRoute". On the laptop I get true autorouting. Pretty nifty, since the nroute program says is doesn't really support metroguide 5.

Kirk out.

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