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  1. Something to note: if you are trying to do this and don't see *.gpx as an avaliable file extention, you need to download the newest version of mapsource (6.11.1) Here.
  2. so people actually do respond to my posts! cool! anyway... I do not have mapsource software that can save as gpx so I am downloading that right now and will try that out first as that seems like the easiest solution here, but i'll know where to look if I need another idea! Thanks. -Bike Hike Cache
  3. First I have to say that I'll agree the new feature is amazing, I'm just wondering about a few things. Has anyone figured out a way to insert extra waypoints (stops) in Google maps? I ask this because I live in Atlanta, and Google maps ALWAYS takes the interstates, even though in real life they are quite out of the way and occasionally go the exact opposite direction of the direction I want to go. There are normal state highways that I use instead. In Garmin mapsource I can tell specific points to be included on my route so that I can force the route computer to go the way I want. Has anyone figured out a way to do this with the google maps so I can upload that as my route? (what’s the point of this if I’m not driving the route that google takes? ) I've been messing around with this program (website here .. translated from french) that seems to do what I want, just not a very good job of it. Has anyone else discovered anything that may be able to correctly convert *.gbd files to *.kml files? and those are the ends of all my troubles, because this new feature is still amazing! thanks! -Bike Hike Cache
  4. I don't have anything to part with, but if you're wondering if the old mounting bracket is still compatable with the new 'C' units, it is. You ignore the battery cover that comes in the mount box, because the bracket than came with your 'C' does that part of the job. The handlebar mount part accepts both of these pieces. (the old battery cover and the new detachable bracket for the 'C' units.) I was very happy to find this out when I upgraded from a legend to a vista C, and didn't have to pay for another bracket. link: eTrex handlebar mount Hope that helps. -BikeHikeCache
  5. Firstoff, the new site is looking pretty good! but anyway I've noticed that on the "My Account Details" page your logs for the last 30 days are listed, in order having the most recent on top, but alas, this is not true. This is sorted by the date alone. It doesn't REALLY mind me, but possibly it might be easy to add the timestamp into this ordering so that the logs come up in the true order in which they were logged on gc.com? Just wondering. (i wouldn't suggest this if they come out in ramdom order, but considering that they come out exactaly backwards, would it be that hard to flip them? (well... i guess probably yes... ) Just a thought. -Bike Hike Cache
  6. thanks for the responce, just about what i was thinking. due to the disabled search (which is ok, b/c i think the site is loking GREAT) theres another thread on this topic (which I just found) in "The Hunt/The Usual" named "logging your own caches" sorry i'm to lazy to figure out how to link. :-) this topic may be closed. -Bike Hike Cache
  7. Just a thought, but does anyone (or is it possible) to log your own hidden caches as finds also? ... never put it as FTF or anything, but on occasion when it takes a while to find your own cache do you ever feel like you would like to log it as a find? I wouldn't think to do this, but thought I'd put it out there. -Bike Hike Cache
  8. wow, I havent posted in like forever checking the avatar... and seeing if you can post your stat bar... <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=ba80e5ed-f44c-447e-af70-5339f190d8e3" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/stats/img.aspx?txt=Use+the+Force&uid=ba80e5ed-f44c-447e-af70-5339f190d8e3&bg=1" border="0" title="Profile for bikehikecache" alt="Profile for bikehikecache"></a>
  9. so the USB one would work but the parallel one would not...ok then. i was just looking for a something a little cheaper...every dollar counts in my world. -bikehikecache
  10. I have an eTrex legend that i am giving to a friend, and his computer does not have the 9-pin serial port that the Legend(old b&w one)comes with. It looks like I can buy an $8 adapter to parallel port at radioshack: Serial to Parallel I seems like this wouild have no problem...but i was just wondering, because some hardware will not be recognised unless only provided cable is used (that is...nothing extra..i still have the (and am using) the real cable). thanks...I thought this had been questioned before, but my search did not provide. If you have a link to a previous topic just put it here. Thanks again.
  11. wow...thanks for the replies...I understand now! anyway...looks like that would be a fun product, and quite useful, but I would have to agree that the airlines would not allow use of the reradiator because it is transmitting (just like they don't allow 2-way radios or cell phones in flight) I might look into getting one in the future, but at the moment, even $50 is out of my budget thanks anyway! Bike Hike Cache
  12. Neo Geo, could you tell me more about these? I went to the website, and looked at the how it works page, but I am still kind of confused. It sounds to me like there is one part the recieves and brodcasts to another part. Is that right? Is there another page that might be easier to understand? Thanks to all for responding! Bike Hike Cache
  13. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this....but anyway I am traveling to europe with a group this spring break, and will not be doing any geocaching but I wouild like to know some things. 1) are GPSr's allowed to be operated on the high speed trains? (eurostar-paris to lodon and elipsos-madrid to paris) 2) are GPS'r allowed to be operated on airplanes? (Delta) 3) Software? I own a Garmin Vista C, but I do not want to spend too much money, because I don't think I'll be back in europe for a long time. Shoud I get worldmap, or CS europe or MG europe? I was thinking WorldMap, but what's your opinion? 4) any advice on happy traveling in europe you would like to provide will be welcomed, I am based in Atlanta, GA, USA thanks, and happy caching! Bike Hike Cache
  14. Thanks for the advice. I thought this would come out negative, but just wanted to see how others felt about the idea. I am in 8th grade, and it would be in some woods off to the side of our school, but still school grounds. Now I gotta find another place. Oh well. Thanks anyway. Bike Hike Cache
  15. I believe I have seen this before. 1. open two windows in mapsource, have one viewing R&R, and the other on TOPO 2. select the maps you want in each seperate window. 3. go to the "maps" tab ni either window and select all of the maps (click the top one, the hold shift and click the bottom one, all should highlight.) 4. with these highlighted, copy (control+c) 5. go to the other mapsource window's map tab 6. press paste (control+v) both sets of maps should be there; be sure the quote is not over 24 meg(vista c) close the 1st window (without the maps) and send the maps through to the gps. just a note, I am trying to remember this from another post, and have not done it myself, but I dont think it can hurt. Bike Hike Cache
  16. I have started caching, and plan on now placing a cache myself. I was wondering if the grounds ofa public school would be an OK place to put a cache. Schools where I am (burbs of Atlanta) seem to try to be very secure. But on the other hand there are city sports practices here(school is county), and the gates are usually open in the day every day (and plenty of people park outside the gates and walk in, there's no fence.) What are your thoughts on this? BikeHikeCache
  17. Actually, most of the caches I am finding are covered with sticks, but you can see through to the container. These are not technically buried (as in under dirt...the hider didn't use a "pointy object" to place the cache,) but it may still be under something (but partially visible.) My first few caches, I would walk right over this(quite annoying). If you're in the woods, look for sticks all lying in the same direction or anything unnatural. For parking lots, the caches are usually micros (this will be noted in the upper right of the page under where you click to log. the symbol is still traditional.) these are about altoids pack size or sometimes smaller (35mm canister), but ocassionally bigger to. Magnets and lamposts are VERY popular, as mentioned before. Small would be bigger than a micro, but not a normal size rubbermaid/ammo can. sure! as mentioned before, there are MANY cordinate formats, and you need to be sure to have yours set to WGS 84 and hddd mm.mmm if you need help setting this, post what gps you own, and i'm sure someone can help! You can also try the GPS units and software forum for this and any other help with your unit. (but don't cross post) But the main thing to say is HAVE FUN! My first few caches, I didn't find it untill I came back to the spot a second time. Hope this helps..... Bike Hike Cache
  18. drive faster...lol actually, do as mentioned before. once I get about 40-30 feet from the cache, I stop and just stand there. It lets the unit decide what its position really is. You'd be amazed that the cords keep changing for about five seconds... hope this helps. Bike Hike Cache
  19. Just thought I'd say I'm a Vista-C user, and its great. I mountain bike, and you can get a bike mount for this unit (and most really). Any of the others I think would look kind of weird on your handlebars (so tall). I went for the compact size instead of memory, which is fine for me, but that is up to what you need. I have not really used the vista-C in the woods yet, but with my old Legend, which has the same antenna(patch type), I could almost always keep a signal that was picked up in a clearing/parking lot. I've got a feeling that the vista-c may have an even better antenna, because I got a lock inside, something I never got with the legend! I would say for the biking you would like the smaller vista-C, but I will say you can not attach an external antenna to it, so you may want the 60cs. Just the thoughts of a happy Garmin user... Bike Hike Cache
  20. from me earlier. I went to REI, checked out both, and got the Vista C for x-mas. I love it, and have done three caches with it already! Only reason I didn't go for the 60c(s) was size, the Vista C is much smaller, which I like.
  21. Opened up a brand new vista C today, and it is already up and running great!
  22. OOPS! Thanks for all the responses on this thread, but I just realized that my MG v5 does have the 1-way, just there are no arrows. Because MG 5 can't route on the GPSr, I never even thought to test it on the computer. I just assumed without the arrows, the street settings were not there. (this can get anoying driving around town, trying to route yourself (its OK, I am the passenger, not the driver) and not being able to see the arrows. BTW i own a legend; it doesn't autoroute either) So, I guess the question now is: Can you turn these arrows on?
  23. I have MG v5, and I know that streets that should be one way are not marked. I am getting city select v6 soon, but was wondering about this. Has anyone had the garmin autoroute want you to drive the wrong way down a one way street? Just wondering. Bike Hike Cache.
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