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Tracking With Nroute

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Recently downloaded the new nRoute beta and have noticed that when I have my 60cs connected to the laptop that the moving vehicle arrow on nRoute doesn't keep up with my actual location at all. I thought maybe it was my antique laptop running Win 98 but then remembered that I can track on Metroguide v4 perfectly with no lag. Then I thought well maybe it's because I'm using a serial connection, so I tried the usb cable tonight coming into work with the same results. Anybody else experience this? Makes it pretty much useless for navigating as you are well past your next turn by the time it tells you to turn soon!

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I have an etrex legend (non-color) and an old win98 computer. I run metroguide usa on the laptop. I tried the nroute program with my set up and it works, even though the nroute program says it doesn't work with metroguide v5 (which is what I have). I noticed a serious lag as well. I did some experimenting and found that I had hundreds of waypoints stored on the laptop which was slowing down the whole screen redraw process of the nroute program. When I removed those waypoints to only have about 20 it made it go a lot quicker and the lag time is only about 1 sec. Not bad considering my laptop is about 7 years old with an ancient processor.

Kirk out.

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The turn announcements and screen display have been working fine with no significant delay when used with MetroGuide-USA v4.01 and my eMap with an RS232 connection. The display of waypoints has been improved with the newer beta version of nRoute which now supports waypoint categories so you can have them available (handy for routing to them), but not show them on the screen all the time.


Search1128 mentioned it working with MG v5 - does that include automatic routing and rerouting? Or does it just track your current position on the screen? I'd been considering upgrading my maps to version 6 and was deciding between City Select and MetroGuide under the assumption that nRoute would only do fully automated routing with the CS version based on Garmin's description.

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I am using mapsource engine v6 with metroguide usa version 5. Nroute is doing autorouting but the garmin website says it won't. I wonder if this is because nroute is currently in beta test, perhaps when it isn't beta anymore they will switch off the autoroute capability for general release on the metroguide usa v5. I like that it works now however.


When it autoroutes, it shows my current position on a purple track line it thinks is the best route that I take from point A to point B. If I deviate from its suggestions it recalculates on the fly the next best route that it thinks I should take. It takes about 10 seconds to recalculate the new route.


I use metroguide usa on my legend and the legend does not autoroute on its maps


When I use metroguide alone on the laptop (with gps attached) and without the nroute application it will simply show my current postion. I can click several things then have it create a route it wants me to take, but if I deviate from that route it does NOT recalculate a new one.


kirk out.

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