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  1. Because I can! Also I can delete found caches as I go and log them in the pda.
  2. Webscouter you're a genius! That's the answer. I just it and sure enough it let me do a MOB but not any other kind of waypoint. Thanks!
  3. I loaded the waypoints from Mapsource, two 500 wpt. pocket queries.
  4. Can anybody else out there only fit 999 waypoints on their 60cs? I delete everything and try to load 1000 waypoints and only 999 go! Why???
  5. Hi We are going to be moving to Tennessee in a few months and have decided to put our caches up for adoption. If you are interested in any or all please go to www.geocaching.com/adopt and go from there. You send the request and I will approve it. Thanks y'all Andy
  6. I have done that, I deleted ALL waypoints from the GPS, then I try to upload 1000, get the memory full message, send all waypoints to Mapsource or any other program and there is 999. Can not mark one more on GPS, get memory full message. There is no extra waypoint that is not in my upload. There is only 999 geocaches.Not sure which one is missing but I'm assuming it's the last one that was supposed to transfer.
  7. And by the way, if I try to mark a waypoint it wont let me do that either. Comes up with the "Waypoint memory full" message again
  8. When I delate all waypoints on my 60cs and then try to load 1000 from GSAK it comes up with a waypoint memory full window on the GPS and then if I connect it to Mapsource and transfer the waypoints I only get 999 waypoints. What is going on here? I have done a hard reset on the unit recently and it still happens.
  9. If I have three different sets of maps loaded which shows up City Select or Metroguide? I know they both have priority over Topo...dont they?
  10. Yes metroguide 4.01 DOES support autorouting and is a bargain. You can also update it with free Garmin downloads. It doesn't upgrade the POI info and new streets though, so some info may be incorrect. Still it works great, just won't have that new Starbucks in that new neighborhood down the road.
  11. yes it will work fine AND autoroute which the newer versions of Metroguide won't do.
  12. I use some Belkin screen protectors for the Palm m100 that I got packages of twelve for a dollar at the local 99 cent store. The fit isn't perfect but it's very close.. If you line the curved part up with the top of the screen they end just above where it says Garmin.
  13. Yeah I just noticed the same thing. Anybody got it already? Wanna share?
  14. I think you have to have tracking on for this feature to work. Could be wrong though...
  15. I also asked Garmin about the plug and the stated that there isn't one. They also said it was a blind hole so it will not leak into unit.
  16. Here is the best flashlight! You can't beat a Surefire! And only $2900! Better hurry though it's a limited edition. Get me one too for letting you in on this...
  17. That split at the top of the hole is not broken it is made that way. Not sure why but they all have it.
  18. So if you want to get your feet wet go to www.getfeetwet.com They have some of the best GPS deals out there. They include a free 2nd year warranty and free shipping too.
  19. I found the best prices at www.getfeetwet.com and www.buy.com
  20. I use a Sony CLIE PEG-TJ27 and it's a very nice unit and works beautifully with cachemate. Get a 256 memory card for it and you will be a happy man (person)! The camera works nicely and takes a nice 640X480 pic that is just right for adding a pic to a log page. Found a very nice case for it on eBay too. Battery life ain't that great but I got an adaptor to charge it in the car so it's not a problem. Yeah the tiny stylus sucks but get yourself a stylus/pen combo then you will always have a pen for signing those micros and keep the skiiny stylus for backup.
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