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Anderson Island Puzzle Cache Party

Team Noltex
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Saturday November 27 we are planning on once again attacking this wicked 5/5 puzzle cache, The Dreaded Pirate Geisel the Fierce , which to date has only one finder and numerous DNF's. We have a vacation cabin (OK, more like a house) on the island and the plan is to find the cache, then share a victory meal at our place.


This may be a good excuse for you to get away from the relatives that came to visit for the Thanksgiving weekend, or to work off some of that turkey and stuffing you gorged on. Post if you're interested and we'll set up a time and send you directions.

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What kind of food/snack stuff would you like us to bring?


We were thinking we'd make it a dinner thing unless people prefer to look for the cache in the am and then come to our place for lunch. The menu will probably be lasagna and tossed salad and s'mores for dessert. Feel free to bring anything that might go with that. :P

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Seriously though...


We searched from 3 until 6 feet and bailed because we didn't want to add a soaking to our DNF. Especially with a pair of first-time cachers that we were trying to show how much fun this was.


I'm still game if you want to do it on this perhaps less than optimal day.

I don't mind adding some difficulty stars, but I'm a nut.

Are you still sure you want to set this up?


Cool Chart

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We're thinking about 1:00 pm as a start time to find the cache. There is a noon ferry from Steilacoom that hopefully with the holiday weekend won't be too crowded. You can find a ferry schedule here. That should give us plenty of time before dark to search. We'll be on the island all weekend if you want to come out earlier and do the other dozen or so caches. Our cabin coords are N47 09.738 W122 41.510. Email if you want easy directions.


Let us know if this puzzle is giving you problems and we may be able to give you a gentle nudge in what we are confident is the right direction.

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I am trying to talk the grumpier half of our team into going back. B) I think we will be trying for the noon ferry. I wasn't sure if I could make it but I busted my @#@#@ to finish my report cards! Hope to see lots of people there!!


Also, will the letterbox cache be back up and runnig? (I will take it just in case it is back up!)

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Sometimes I wake up grumpy, sometimes I let her sleep!


Our Sand Dollar Beach letterbox hybrid was replaced today with a new container and logbook, after the old one was found flooded about 150-200 feet away. However, I'm logging from my PDA and for some reason it won't let me post a note on the cache page. It has been re-activated though.

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