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I was incarcerated, handcuffed and thrown down while looking for a geocache. Does that really deserve to be locked down, ignorned? I'm leaving, but not without expressing my pain. I deserve that right . If you don't want me, I'll send your sig item back, but I earned it on the dirt of Mt Jupiter Road. Don't tell me I can't have a voice, I am purple from bruises. Have a heart, and wish me a calm good-bye. I have asked the local approver to delete every scent of my existence, and been told it's not possible. I'm doing it myself, slowly.

I went to find a cache, and spent the night in jail. Hard, cold time in jail. And you want to shut me up. Go ahead, thrash me, but I'm purple with bruises and have endured ebnough. And, I'm leaving. Be content with that. I don't need any more abuse.

Look, my wrists are purple from handcuffs. Have you never sat out under the stars and had a drink? Have you not looked for the northern lights, have you not looked for God?

Does going after a night cache make you a candidate for a padded cell?

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Mrs. B, I just got finished reading the other thread? I left there a little confused except on one fact.


That one fact is MAYBE just MAYBE you should give up Alcohol instead of Geocaching.

Fact: alcohol got you in trouble NOT Geocaching!

Why not just bow out gracefully take care of you problems and get back to geocaching when you healty again.


Besides caching is a healthy addiction and obvioulsy alcohol is not.


I'm not sure what alll the drama it about or why you feel the need to advertise it here.


Take care of your business, be safe, and take care.



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I didn't close the thread to silence you, I closed it because it had gone off topic and I didn't want anyone speculating about your difficulties.


I wish you only the best Karen, there is much I could say as I am familiar with that manner of pain, but this is not the proper place. Feel free to write to me.





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Darn, and darn. I can't find it. I could report myself, or quote myself, but not lock myself up. (Which is kind of nice. Three of us went to see Polar Express tonight, and they had two tickets left. Walking home in the cold blowing wind is WAY better than being locked up. ) Excuse me, *locking a thread*. I got off topic. Uh-oh. Don't worry. I'm clicking regularly to remove myself , my stupid logs, and stupider comments. Somebody else please look after Belleterre. She's almost at 500 caches and deserves celebration.

I still can't find how to lock this thread, or throw it in the ocean,

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