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Spring 2005 Get-together

Colorado Papa
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Start a new topic so it doesn't get lost with the other discussions. This all started because of the post in the New Mexico-Colorado Discussion. I have proposed we meet in Santa Fe and work the abandoned D&RG narrow gauge railroad heading north to Alamosa. Others can suggest other meeting locations.


Seems like someone in this forum is located in Santa Fe. Probably can find rates for a motel. I'll be in my RV. Campground on SW side and another NW. Think there are somemore towards Taos. Should we list this as a cache event, but only for parties interested in BMs?

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Looking good to me have started the plans and saving pennies.


To make it easier I think we can supply our own lodging near as well.

But if a Local gets a good discount I won't pass it up.


Like many of the Benchmark events I have been to very few are really interested but all are welcome to be a part of this as well,maybe a few more are starting to ca t che on.


Maybe a little publicity here starting now will be good too.

The one down south at Big Hatchet went no where so far.

Imagine I drove 1200 miles one way to get a picture to put on the site and haven't heard much since.


I must admit though I planned it in a trip,we had to make anyway so my multi tasking mind got several things accomplished at once,like always.

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Pop a top,


I will be glad to start looking into hosting the event.

I have worked on a few out of state events before.


That date looks ok to me so far.


Just got back from SW New Mexico,and had an Enchanted visit as always,I do have friends in SW New Mexico as well,I told them about what we are planning but they are super busy and occasionally hunt BM's,with me,but will be glad to help us as well.

We got a real neat one called,






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I am still looking into it.

I have been trying to get ahold of my Old Friend in Albuquerque.

He was one of the chainman on some of the New Mexico/Arizona/Colorado crew.

I think he would be interested just for posterty.He is not a GEO*Benchmarker but has plenty of History stored we could get out of him.


I will keep us updated as soon as new news is available.


I think that we should pick a place not right in Sante Fe,but one of the smaller places North or NW,It would be cheaper for us.

There are a number of places in the Sante Fe National Forest,Pecos Wilderness or Carson National Forest.


These are just a few options,please feel free to add your's.

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I have one Cache in New Mexico and CO Admin was the approver so I e-mailed this.


CO Admin,

Charles,GEO*Trailblazer 1,We are in the process of trying doing a BENCHMARK EVENT I.Lilke the Original,



In Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

We are planning this for around Memorial Day 2005.



I have one cache in New Mexico approved by you and this is the reason I am contacting you.



I just wanted to ask first before submitting the Cache form to see if there would be any issues for me Hosting the event.

I have several friends in that area and am in the process of contacting others in the area for their local input.

I have done Events out of State and am aware of all the work involved.



Thanks for reading this and I hope you will respond.

GEO*Trailblazer 1


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The dismantled railroad is that of the Santa Fe branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Western narrow gauge, known as the Chile Line. It was dismantled in 1941. In 1933 it appears Hwy 285 did not exist yet and the railroad was the transportation corridor in this neck of the woods. NGS (USCGS?) placed benchmarks every two miles along the old railroad bed. A lot of these are still in place.
Am curious where you found this info. I'd like to locate a map of the route.
Perhaps this would help to determine where we should meet. I could follow the route along US 285 south from Alamosa CO as far as Tres Piedras NM. From there it may have angled SE, possibly to Taos and I don't know where else???? :D


EDIT: With a little more researching, located BMs (and caches) along US 64 (and abandoned RR) in the Cimarron Canyon State Park area, between Raton and Taos. Most of these marks were placed in 1934 and have not been FOUND since. :blink:

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It looks promising I just got this.

Thanks for the links.

I guess now we should determine our P.O.B.



--This message was sent through the Geocaching.com web site--



CO Admin forwarded your email to me, since this is part of my review area. I don't see any problems with your proposed event, as described in the forums.

If I could make one suggestion though, the first part of your cache page should describe WHAT the event is about. I only say this because I was a bit confused by the other events you provided links to. I'm not a benchmark hunter, so maybe that's my problem. You might want to consider making this event into an "introduction to benchmarking". You just might get some cachers to attend that have always been curious about benchmarking, but didn't know how to start on their own. Just a suggestion, it's your event.

When you get within 3 months of the event date, feel free to submit it as a cache event and I'll review it.



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Don't know if June will work for me as my wife will be home for the summer and might have other plans. I've spent the last 6 hours reading about the Chile Line and looking up the caches along the way and I'm ready to go. I sure like babysitting a network on the weekends, lots of free time. :D Maybe I’ll just take a run down there after I get back from Wisconsin the end of May. Thanks everyone for all the good information.

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Well then I guess the next question is ..... do we want to have an event or just show up at one of the campgrounds previously mentioned? Having never been to an event I don't know what is involved in setting one up or how structured they are. I have some free time the next 6 weeks while still here in Japan and could do any computer related stuff that might be needed for one. However, once I get back to Colorado there will just be time for a trip to Wisconsin before leaving for New Mexico.

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Well it looks like it will have to be the week/weekend before Memorial Day or the week after as the campgrounds in Cimarron Canyon State Park are booked over Memorial Day. Guess I waited a little too long to try to make reservations. After living in Japan the past year I'm not sure I would want to deal with the Memorial Day crowds anyway. When I first read the post I was thinking of the solitude of being in the woods with a few fellow geocacher and benchmark hunters. Camping in an area labeled as a "high traffic area" wasn't in my plans. :laughing:

I'll keep monitoring this post though and see what you others are going to do.

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Well, I sure have been out of contact for the past couple months. Been enjoying the winter too much in south Texas. But it got too hot (90 degrees) so came back home to, of all things, SNOW!!! :ph34r:


Sorry to hear campgrounds booked up... I didn't do any reservations either. So we'll meet where possible, before or after to be determined.


Now who was it that was willing to climb up the butte with me to find that benchmark near Walsenburg, CO?

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When are you going to climb it?

I was thinking of doing it as we were heading down to New Mexico for the Chili Line get-together sometime around Memorial Day. However, I probably can make it earlier if you want. It's about 85 miles south of me and with getting only 7 MPG, would like to combine trip with other activities.

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