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I’ve been reading the message boards regarding the state of Geocaching and I wanted your input.


My Geocaching history: I have been caching since January 2002 and have noticed a slow decay in the cache quality in my area.


What are the problems that I have noticed?


1. Poorly placed caches in bad locations.


2. Caches placed in too “public” of places (right next to suburban backyards while “muggles” are out playing in the yard).


3. Caches placed in obvious places a mere 15 feet from the parking lot.


4. Very low quality trading, resulting in TNLN.


The solution? Many say “become a Premium member and filter filter filter”. I currently am a premium member and do not think that is the solution.


Some say read the comments, if the say something like: “Nice cache”, “Easy Find”, “best to hunt this one in the black of night because of all of the neighbors” then you are warned of a potentially poor cache. Currently I have found that this actually works but I believe there is a better way…


My idea: Create a form of Geocache report card. When you log your entry you are given several options.


1. Relative amount of “stealth” required. In other words are there 25 neighbors looking at why you are in “their” open space? Or is the cache so remote that if you hurt yourself, consider yourself dead because there is no cell phone coverage and not another human for 50 miles?


2. Quality of container. Is it standard Tupperware or a cleverly disguised work of art?


3. Ease of find. Is the cache hidden in a rotted log in the middle of a vast open field or is it so difficult to find that there are numerous “did not find” logs simply because it was so well hidden?


4. Laziness factor. Sure the cache may be hidden like the best of them but is it located so close to the parking lot that you burn more energy using your arm to shift gears then the walk to the cache?


5. Quality of goods. (This may be hard to control)… Has everyone decided to rob the cache of quality goods only to replace them with used golf balls? I still enjoy Geocaching partially because of what goodies may be waiting my discovery!


As you can see, there could be some sort of formula whereby everyone would grade based off of their opinion and then there could be one master score much like the difficulty/terrain concept.


What do you think??? Thanks! Nubi

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it would be hard to rate it because it is all subjective.


you could create a rubric though, that every cacher if they have time to do it could fill out. a rubric is something that can be used to grade things that are subjective such as a written composition.




the results could be averaged


I dont think it would fly though. I'd prfer not to fill one out. but then again, I'm a newbie.

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I think the intent is that it IS subjective. Of course, this idea has been hashed out many times.


My thoughts? I wouldn't find it useful, and I probably wouldn't want to spend the time considering every single aspect of the hide (especially if I've done a whole bunch of caches and don't remember each one in intimate detail).


I'm not opposed to it, but I would probably reap no value from it.

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The thing is, if I placed a lame urban micro and meant for it to be lame and you rated it as lame, that's an A+.


The report card effort that makes more sence to me rates caches in catagories such that people looking for a hike can find a good one, and people looking for a good urban micro can find one and so on.


In other words make it easier to plan a good days hunt.

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Some newbies like me (who have yet to look for their first cache due to all the probs w/ the GPSr) are looking for some less intriguing caches than you may be as an experienced cacher. Perhaps we can assign a 'report card' to be filled out by the cache placer? I guess this requires honesty and knowledge. BTW, I guess I won't place my first one in the green space behind my backyard now. :huh:

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I think it's an excellent idea. However many hiders who don't take the time to place thoughtful caches in the first place probably won't take part in such a program, and they might or might not act on the reviews anyway.


Maybe a third-party website could be used to explain a rating system (like the Texas geocachers have set up) to provide consistant rating comparisons.


Just thinking out loud...


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  BTW, I guess I won't place my first one in the green space behind my backyard now. :huh:

These aren't always bad. It might be fun for you to be able to watch people find it. It would be a good idea, though, to inform any neighbors that can see it what is going on.



They aren't broken at all. But a little planning ahead and you can prevent problems because of their location.

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