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Last spring, when I heard about this problem, I checked with my local SGC Office for their stand since I had contacted them about permission for my group of caches.


Last year Offically the Game Commission had a NON-Policy, of don't ask don't tell...


Last Spring it DID CHANGE.. The WORD from the TOP was NO geocaches.


So if they come across your cache, it will be removed, but since they have so many OTHER Higher piorities, they aren't actively looking for the caches that are out there.

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I just bumped this up from November. I just discovered that a cache was placed in a SGL near here. I hope I can be the first finder without any game commission officer arresting me for caching on a SGL! If they are not allowed on PA state game lands, why was this one approved?

I highly doubt our friendly approvers where asleep at the wheel when approving this cache. I've seen other caches on the SGL being approved. So if there is a "ban" they haven't been told.

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