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76c Auto Mount?

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I need to get a dash mounting bracket for a 76C. Does anyone know if this

mount can screw onto a Pro-Fit mount like this?

Is that garmin mount the same as the one that comes in the automotive kit? If so, then I would be a bit worried about screwing anything through it because mine looks a bit thin where you would want to connect it. At the very least, I would drill pilot holes.

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You would have to find the screw-hole dimensions of each in order to compare. The Garmin mount base that I have has 4 holes in a rectangular configuration. 1-3/16" x 2-1/16" with 2-3/8" diagonal. (measured by eye with tape measure so consider approximate but close).

My Ram Mount diamond ball-mount looks like 1-15/16" but you can access their drawings here.


Let us know if you get an answer B-C. That Pro-Fit mount looks interesting and my vehicle is listed as compatible.


Cheers, Olar

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The Garmin 76 auto mount isn't designed to be screwed onto a mount. It was intended to be stuck on with adhesive tape. You might be able to drill one hole through the mount, but that would be it since anything else would interfere with the function of the mount. However, I see no reason why the Garmin mount wouldn't stick to that mount in the traditional mounting fashion.


If you are interested, I have that exact Garmin mount for sale. Give me a shout if you are intested.

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I used a similar configuration for my GPS Map 60C


I started with a ProClip mount



And mounted a RAM GPS 60C Cradle



Both the Pro-Clip and RAM mounts use the "AMPS" hole spacing standard, so everything lined up perfectly - just had to attach the cradle to the mount using a couple bolts and nuts, and I was on my way.


I'd check with the company that manufactures the mount if they use the AMPS standard, and if so, order a RAM cradle from GPS City to mount to it, and you'll be good to go.

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