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  1. Is this $75 upgrade from City Select to City Navigator a one-time deal to move us over? I am running 6 and don't neccesarily want to upgrade unless this is my only chance at this price. Thanks. TheHFamily
  2. I own the 76c and love it. The size has not been bad at all and I actually prefer how it works in the car over the 60c (buttons on top vs bottom). Sputnik is correct in his assesments. I do prefer the extra memory and better basemap. My recommendation (as always) is to search the forum about 76 vs 60 -- there are a lot of messages here and also go to a store that has both in stock and hold both. Then decide which way to go. Can't go wrong... Good luck. TheHFamily
  3. All of a sudden I am getting "We were unable to connect to Google servers" when I try to use Google Earth. Am I the only one? Or are other people having trouble at this moment as well? Thanks, TheHFamily
  4. I don't know what else to say about auto-routing. Until you have seen it in action, you have no idea how much you will use it. In my opinion, you will use it all the time. I love being able to type in address and just go. I use it probably twice a week without geocaching. In terms of where to buy 6.0 -- you can go to any of the websites getfeetwet.com, gpsnow.com, etc. and see if they are still selling 6.0. You can also go the ebay route too. For the price difference between metroguide and city select, IMHO it is a no brainer decision -- City Select. TheHFamily
  5. You are going to want to get City Select instead of metroguide north america because with City Select you can do auto-routing within the gps. I have the 76c as well and that is a must. If your computer can not handle dvd then either go buy a dvd drive ($50 or less) or buy City Select 6.0 instead of 7.0. People have not seen too much difference between the two. Also if you buy City Select 6.0 now you get a free upgrade to 7.0. Go ahead and get the free upgrade from Garmin and keep it on a shelf if you don't get your dvd player right away. TheHFamily
  6. tried checking only "active" and it was not there. Tried checking only "is not active" and it was not there either. One thing I did was I looked at the gpx for the one I went caching for tonight and compared it to one that was not active but did come back in the "not active" query that I ran. The only difference I saw was archive=true for the one I was caching for and archive=false for one that did come back in the query. Thoughts? TheHFamily
  7. I went out caching today and could not find a cache I was looking for. Then I went back and looked online and saw that it is temporarily unavailable as of Aug 21st. I use GSAK and download my PQs via email into GSAK. This entry was last updated on Aug 20, 2005. I have gotten other updates on other caches via PQ since then. I do not believe this is GSAK's fault since I opened up the GPX in notepad and could not find this cache in there anywhere. I checked my PQ settings and do not have any items checked in the "That" category so I would expect to get an update on both active and not active. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks, TheHFamily
  8. I have the 76c. Absolutely love it. Then again I also needed to add-on to my home so that I could store it .
  9. I use the zire 31 for caching. It is ok. I bought a special non-reflective screen protector for it and that helps in cutting down the glare. Can't remember the name, but it was from Hong Kong and well worth it. Great screen protectors. The zire 31 also lets you play mp3s and you can store a ton of caches on it. I use plucker so that I can view the caches as I go. Got it off ebay several months ago. Good luck. TheHFamily
  10. I don't mean to write something you already know, but just in case.. are you sure that cachemate was uploaded to your palm? Do you know the process for putting applications on the palm? TheHFamily
  11. The battery life is fine on my zire 31 and have never run out in a day's time or even come close. I use it at work and for caching and simply plug it up overnight while I am sleeping. I got mine from ebay for approx $100 Any other questions -- just let me know. TheHFamily
  12. I was looking at the 21 and decided on the 31 because of the memory slot and being able to play MP3. Now I have the headphone jack going to my tape deck via a WalMart $9 cable and great tunes on the way to the cache. I like my 31 a lot. TheHFamily
  13. I am trying to use Sunrise Desktop to include the pictures (as well as normal text) from a cache page for me to view with Plucker on my Palm. I am using GSAK and including a copy of the picture saved on my hard drive in GSAK's notes section. When I export the HTML and view it, it looks exactly as I would like. When I run it through Sunrise however, the jpg has the following error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI has an authority component. and then the pictures are left out from what I view with Plucker. Anyone help me out here? Thanks, TheHFamily
  14. I own a 76c and the firmware is the same... The only way I know is to choose "Avoid Highways" option in the "driving" or "routing" menu. I can't remember the exact name right now. The only other thing I do is just drive on the roads that I know will get me toward my destination and eventually the GPS will auto-calculate me away from highways and toward more side streets to my destination. TheHFamily
  15. I use Brando (from Hong Kong) -- yes I know it sounds far, but they deliver really fast and they are of top quality. They have two basic kinds (indoor and outdoor). I think they are much better then ones from Office Depot, etc. Here is the link: http://shop.brando.com.hk TheHFamily
  16. I had mine set for 150x150. Could that be why? I will bump it up to 200x200 and see if that helps. Also sbell111 if you don't mind. Please put a cache called Alatoona Pass Battlefield (the one I have been experimenting in) and look at the two photos called Allatoona Pass and cache. Tell me how they look. The link to the cache is: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...26-843b908956a7 Thanks, TheHFamily
  17. Another question about my setup. Seems that the picture quality in the html file that I get from my process I am running is pretty poor. The pictures look very, very grainy and pixelated when I view them on the palm via plucker. Is there something I can do about that? Thanks, TheHFamily
  18. Don't know what I did (except give it a category instead of unfiled) and suddenly it is working. Huh.. Anyone still have questions for someone who owns a zire 31. Please respond if you don't mind an email or two from me. Thanks.
  19. Just got my Zire 31 and I am trying to use Sunrise Desktop to take exported html from GSAK and convert it for use by Plucker on my Zire 31. I am able to convert (I guess - since it says OK) but when I try to read it in my Zire 31, I get the following erors: Broken plucker document Important records are missing in Cache. Please sync a new version of this document. Then I get: Cannot find document Cannot find document in RAM or on external card! Can someone please help me out? Also, I need to ask someone some specific zire questions. If you don't mind -- respond back on this as well and I will email you some other questions on my zire specifically (not cache related).
  20. Read other posts on this and they had good info, but am trying to get a bit more.. I am looking at going paperless and do not want to spend an arm and a leg on it. I am looking at the zire 31 because it would be nice to play mp3s (music while I cache?). Can people provide me feedback on how bad is the unit in the outdoor light? Is it a complete waste? How frustrating will it be? If I throw away the mp3 ability and go for a memory expandable monochrome what unit would you say? Finally, I read that the zire 31 can not talk directly to the GPS -- what functionality am I loosing by that lack of direct communication? Thanks, TheHFamily
  21. I'd be afraid of the ammobox caches over there. Much safer to fight off muggles for a local cache.
  22. I would try it on another computer -- just to see
  23. Just so you know -- Garmin honors any City Select pre 6 and will upgrade it for free to 6. This is because 6 is the current version and you bought it after 6 came out. So even if they are selling v4 (which is highly doubtful) you are covered.
  24. The basemap has basic "big" roads, but for true driving you are going to want to get CitySelect. It includes all the "neat" stuff like find close restaurants, find by addres, etc. You can also get it, like I did, via the automotive kit (cigarette adapter, car holder and City Select software). Good luck and enjoy
  25. This is what I always suggest. Go to a local store (I went to a Galyans) and hold them both. I own a 76c because I wanted the extra memory and better basemap. I am glad I own it over a 60c because I like the button layout on top -- I find it easier in the car. But to each his/her own. Go look at both and see. The bulky-factor difference was minimal to me and therefore I went with the 76c. Also search in these forums -- there are plenty of threads on this topic. Good luck, TheHFamily
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