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Problems With The Gallery Images

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Hopefully someone can help me with this as it is likely a small problem, simple too with my luck, but I have been having problems with the gallery images for some time recently.


Here is what happens, I go into the gallery and click on a image, it opens into the postings page with all of the images associated to it at the bottom. The problem is there is no image in the big image window, which in this case is now proper width but short. All of the prev, next, click image to return to original is there but no matter what I click I can't seem to get the expanded image. I thought originally it was my old 'puter (Win 98SE) which was in the process of autodigesting it's own harddrive, but even with my newer system (Win 2000PRO) I can't seem to view the bigger picture. What am I doing wrong or have I not loaded into the system, anyone? ;):anibad:

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you did not say if it was your gallery photos, or everyone else's. I looked at yours, and though you only have the one listed, it worked fine. If you are looking at other people's gallery's, and are using a dial up, or a slow connection, it could be timing out loading the picture. try refreshing the page, it might or might not help

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It is when I try to view any of the gallery photos with the written log beside it. I tried refreshing it and uit is the same thing. I don't get any errors, just that it won't load the larger image. I feel it is some plug-in I'm missing but I don't know which one. Maybe TPTB who know what is required to view that particular portion of the page could comment.

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There are many possibilities. The images are served from another machine so you a ) may be blocking images from other machines using security software or B ) your system is trying to access an older IP address for the images. It is also possible that the image isn't in that size and the gallery needs to refresh.


If you are seeing people's avatar images here in the forums, ignore the first paragraph completely since they also come from that machine. Instead, point us to the page you are looking at. It is certainly possible that the image just doesn't exist in that size on the server. Some older images were not generated in display size.

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OK Jeremy your first point seems to be it. I turned off my ZoneAlarm and it allowed the images through. I am confused though because I have always been able to see people's avatars, even with the ZoneAlaarm on. For some reason I also don't seem to be able to keep automatically signing in to Groundspeak's forums, ie I have the radio button @ log-in ticked to "remember me" but I still have to log-in each time I come back. Could the two be related, and is there something different about the gallery images from the avatars that I need to configure for in ZoneAlarm?

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Here's everything I've tried and the results. I used your (Jeremy) profile's gallery and clicked on the shots of Mopar and GeoHo:


ZoneAlarm On = No autolog into Groundspeak forums, No Avatars, No main image in gallery, GC.com autolog fine, GC.com everything fine


ZoneAlarm On & manual log into Groundspeak = Avatars fine, My Assistant, My Controls task bar fine, no main image in gallery only thumbnails @ bottom, GC.com fine


ZoneAlarm Off = Autolog into Forums, My Assistant task bar fine, now get main images in gallery, GC.com fine


Turn ZoneAlarm back on = Click new thumbnail in Gallery and no longer able to view main image, GC.com fine, click to go back into forum and autolog no longer functions


I've tried leaving ZoneAlarm on and shutting down the firewall portion, but it still blocks the main images and the autolog.


I realize this is an issue with the ZoneAlarm, but without knowing how the Groundspeak site sends it's data packs for the main image I don't see a way of getting the ZoneAlarm to point me in the right direction to a solution.

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I chose the upper most right hand corner picture in the gallery (the most recently uploaded picture.


Right clicking and going to properties, the thumb shows this url as its source:



What it should be pointing to is this:



Which is this:



Is that a clue as to why I'm not seeing these?

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Concerning Zone Alarm, I am using Zone Alarm Pro and I have always had to go to the Privacy section and turn off Cookie Control to get automatic log in (remember me) to work. About the same time GC.com transition to the new servers, I had to upgrade my firewall to a new version. Since then, sometimes I now have to Turn Off (Allow All) Ad blocking to see a page. When this happens all I get is a blank background (Green or Blue) depending on what type of page I am looking at. I just live with the hassle of this.


Hope This helps.


Cache Well

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You pretty much figured out that it is ZoneAlarm which is blocking your images.

I have the identical condition to MedicP1. I can always see thumbnails and avatars, but frequently can't see full gallery images or images on profile pages. I always thought it was you guys (sensibly) not serving large images during busy periods, to save bandwidth. I realized it didn't happen at work, but assumed the servers were less busy in daytime hours.


I've just tried lowering the protection levels inside Zone Alarm, with no luck. I have to shutdown ZA completely, then all is well. That, of course, is not something I want to do much of.


Can anybody suggest what settings inside ZA need tweaking? I know I had to do some 'advanced settings' stuff to get peer-to-peer working (and never really got it right). Were you able to work it out, MedicP1?

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At home I use CA's EZFirewall and it uses the same kernel as ZoneAlarm, though I do not know if ZoneAlarm has the same controls. Anyway, to get many features on the GC site to work I had to go into the EZFirewall privacy options (not the firewall options) and allow everything except "3rd party" cookies, including ads (disable the ad blocking for geocachng.com). Apparently some of the code used by GC (including some image rendering) is done using the same techniques ZoneAlarm and EZFirewall recognize as advertisements to be blocked as part of their privacy controls.

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Also, it (the avatar images) could work here because this site has the same domain (forums.Groundspeak,com) as the images (img.Groundspeak.com).

This sounds like the key. When viewing the gallery images they are on a different domain (img.Groundspeak.com) as the site you are viewing them from (www.geocaching.com). Maybe there is some setting in ZoneAlarm that allows images to be downloaded from a different domain.

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Got it!


Just in case it happens to someone else, Semper Questio is right: It's under "Privacy" controls. The one control I had to change to get pictures was under "Ad Blocking" -- I had to allow banner ads.


Makes sense, when you think about it. Banner ads would always originate from a different site than the main page. What's weird about it, though, is that I've gotten tons of banner ads all this time with no problem, so it wasn't particularly effective at what it was supposed to do, while messing me up with something that it wasn't.


Yay! Thanks for the help, folks. Now I can see all the wretched, grubby little faces on your profile pages again.

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Close, but not exactly the same issue - I uploaded the same image to several logged cache and in my gallery they show up several times - why is this? Then, how can I 're-use' an image from my gallery?

No, it's not the same issue. You also answered your own question. You uploaded the same image several times so it will show up in the gallery several times. The web site can't compare images and throw out similar ones since it has no eyeballs. Yet :mad:

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Jeremy perhaps this could be put into the FAQ sections as it seems to affect a few different firewall systems, and I'll bet there are a still those out there that are having this problem and don't know there is a solution to allow them the full use of the site. Or could the site configure the transmition so that it isn't seen as a 'banner ad' by firewalls?

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