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I have come upon a good plan, many may have done this or maybe not. I just thought I would share it. Before you plan on going out for a day of geo-caching. You have your list of caches to find.. some might have themes... or can be anything. My other half and I go to the local dollar store and maybe spend 10-15 dollars on little items we might think would fit with themes and grab extra stuff to carry in our backpacks to use for different caches. Its great... you can find neat stuff at the dollar stores and best of all you are not breaking your bank if you have a limit of what you can spend on for cache stuff. icon_razz.gif

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I keep ten one-gallon 'go-bags' filled with 'trade candy' in a storage box. Whenever, I go out caching, I grab the whole box and chunk it in the cache-mobile. Whenever I park the car to go search, I take one of the bags and stuff it in my backpack. There will always be 10-15 items in each bag (almost always including a wheresgeorge bill, buffalo nickel, baseball cards, tire gauge, and miniature screwdriver set -these are my staple items) When I get to the the cache, depending on what I take and how well stocked the cache is, I'll leave anywhere from a few of the items to maybe even the whole bag.So far,the most caches I've hit in one day is six (they're pretty sparce around here),so I never run out of 'go-bags'. At the end of my caching excursions, when I return home, I restock the bags and store the box away, ready for the next outing.

If there is a possibility of hitting any theme cache, I'll make sure to take something with me in addition that fits the theme. I'll also usually pack a travel bug or two in case I run across an ideal cache to place one in.


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I have a box in the corner of my room filled with potential cache tradeables. I'm always on the lookout for interesting, inexpensive stuff. I find stuff in dollar stores, supermarkets, auto parts stores, office supply stores, music stores, toy stores, etc... I'll usually shell out an extra 4 or 5 bucks on any given shopping trip for cache tradeables.


I also throw in freebies and swag I get from various places and items from around the house that are new, or like new that are of no use to me, but might be of use to someone else.


Whenever I go out looking for caches, I fill a fanny pack with a variety of items in various sizes (since you often don't know how large the container is, or how much room is in it). It also give me a ready supply of items whenever I decide to place a cache.


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I find garage sales give a good opportinity for great cache treasures at pennies on the dollar. It's fun to garage sale and it's fun to cache. Plus you get better items than at the dollar store. At the dollar store if you have an eye you can find things worth several dollars that might have been closed out at anohter store.

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