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Enabling Avatar (not Selected)


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I have a maybe stupid question:


I downloaded an Avatar (I can see the pic), clicked on enabling it for use in forums (don't recall the exact words) .... etc. But everytime I look at my personal info, it says "avatar not selected" and when I post, I don't see the image. Exactly what am I doing wrong??? Maybe I'm just overlooking some check box.




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only stupid question is the one you don't ask --


ok - first you upload the image - then you select the one you want (in this case you likely only have one to select)


you will find TWO different selectins on this page - on for your posting avatar and one for your profile photo - a lot of people (including me) use the same image for both.


Now once you do that you have to go back to the GC page - click discuss geocaching so that you get that odd page that says you info is being updated - then click on enter the forums -


then you should see your avatar in the postings - all old ones will also be updated


that is the step most of us forget - getting the update

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I originally posted this in another thread, but the instructions still apply here. Give it a shot and see if they help...


On setting an avatar:


First, you will need to save the image from here to your computer.  Do this by right-clicking the image and selecting "save picture as".  Give it a name, and remember where you put it.  You'll be needing it again in a minute.


Go to the main Geocaching.com page, then click to "My Cache Page", "Edit Profile", and scroll down to where it says "Your Avatar".  Click on "Change/Edit".


You should now be at the "Choose My Avatar" page.  If you don't yet have an avatar, you'll need to upload one first.  Click on "Upload a new image" to go to the "User Image Upload" page.  Click "Browse" to open a file browser window, where you need to tell it the directory and filename where you saved your avatar image earlier (told you you'd need it again).  Select your image file from the window, and click "open".  You might want to give it a caption of a word or two in the next blank down.  Finally, click the "upload" button to actually upload your file to the site.


When the transfer is done, your avatar will appear, with a choice to edit it if you like.  Click where it says "my details".  This will bring you back to your account details, so you'll have to go back down to where it says "your avatar" and click "change/edit" again to get back to the "choose my avatar" screen.


From here, click the avatar you wish to use.  It will show up on the right hand side of the screen, with a "select Avatar" button above it.  Clicking the button will reload the page, and the button will be greyed out and read "current avatar" instead.  Then, you will need to click on the link that says "re-register the changes".  This will take you to the forum login screen.  Click on "Enter the Groundspeak Forums" to, well, enter the Groundspeak forums.  You should then have your avatar. 


Go to the "Test Posting Area" in the "Getting Started" forum to post a test message and make sure your avatar is working and looks like you want it to.


It's a bit convoluted, but I suppose it's done that way for a reason... :anibad:

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