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I believe Cannonlaw is correct the numbering would suggest a personal geocoin, one that is not trackable at the main geocaching.com website.


Some people use personal geocoins as signature items and then number them for collecting purposes, other tracking methods or just for fun. You might be able to get more information by looking at the coin, maybe a website is printed on it somewhere.


For geocoins that are trackable on the geocaching.com site, look at these websites:



Moun10Bike's GeoCoins


Here is the Geocoin website by Team Fisur which has pictures of many geocoins, some trackable some not:




Congratulations of this find and here's to many more! :smile:

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the front of the coin has the Geo cache squares and says you are the search engine (across the top) used with permission of Groundspeak (across the bottom)


the back is the outline of oregon

says the birth place of geocaching the number 1020 in a little box

about where portland is shows a flag with GO1 on it


so if some are just out there how do I know which is which -- the reason that I ask -- my husband cached without me a while back -- picked up a coin -- and when he logged it -- got kind of a nasty email that said that geo coins where like travel bugs and that he needed to remembeer to log the coin.


thanks for all the input.


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Some geocoins are like travel bugs. Some are not. When I save up and do my coins they won't be. They will be for trading and for those people who like signature items.


If you can't track the coin, and you made a fair effort to figure it out. It's just SWAG and good SWAG at that. If they can send you a nasty email at least they can tell you how to track the coin (I know it was a different coin than the one you are asking about).

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Not all oregon geo coins are travlers. They all have the potential to travel. They can all be tracked. I have placed several and do not expect them to travel. some have have some havnt. Some did for a while then stopped. If you have found one that is traveling it would be nice to keep it moving. If you have found one that has not moved and has no directions with it you can contact the owner and see if you can keep it. :huh:

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Not all oregon geo coins are travlers.  They all have the potential to travel.  They can all be tracked.  I have placed several and do not expect them to travel.  some have have some havnt.  Some did for a while then stopped.  ...SNIP...

Good point about the Oregon geocoins and their traveling potential. I would also expand this to all geocoins that are able to be tracked.

Just because a Geocoin is trackable and the original placer may want it to travel its still up to an individual geocacher to move it along and log it online to share.


To placers- Don't risk it if you can't afford it, both monetarily and maybe more importantly, emotionally.

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Actually not ALL Oregon Geocoins can be tracked. There were 200 non-numbered coins produced in the first minting, these cannot be tracked. The remaining 1800 coins are numbered and can be tracked at the site listed above. Most of us do not expect them to travel far but it a nice if they get entered at least once so we know where they end up.

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