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Very interested in Geocaching. Just a quick question.

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In most cases, yes they should be available. Pay attention to the logs. The more recent the last find, the more likely it's still there. However even caches that haven't been found in months are probably still out there. If you see a lot of recent "not founds" then there is a good chance its gone (that or really hard to find).


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Most caches are kept up pretty well. Look at the last found log for the cache and that will tell you that it was there at that point. Caches that are gone are usually archived pretty soon. I have caches in my area that have been around for neary two years and are still going strong.



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Dont let the time a cache has been out fool you. The 3 no-finds that we've had to log were brand spankin' new hides. 2 were missing and 1 the coords were about 500 feet off. Don't let it discourage you if you get a no-find......it WILL happen. Happy Caching!! icon_biggrin.gif


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Personally, I would wait after yopu have a few caches under your belt. The woman and I did'nt hide our first one untill we had found at least 10 or so, that way you have a feel for how caches can be placed. Dont let the one cache you find make the descision for you. Go find a few and seee how other people are doing it....


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But the caches are visited very quite regulary (in the UK enyhow) We are new to this game to but had no problems finding caches and looking forward to finding Sliding down Butser theis weekend.

I agree with backon and eggs don't set up a caches untill you get a feel for them, we are now on our 4th cach and are waiting till we have done 10 before we set up a cache.

But we are sorcing a site now and working out a theme for our cache.

Happy hunting


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