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The Best Caches....


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Another thread reminded me of this... What are your 'best' caches?


For me, it was the cache I never found. I got to the location and discovered that there was a waterfall about .2 from a road I drove through my whole life, and it was beautiful! Granted, I also have a list of my top 10% or less, but I keep only active caches on it...


The (archived) Link

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Either the one that took us eight tries or the one with the 4.5 terrain (called Never Find the Body, because, if you fell, they would never find the body. Heh. What lighthearted humor). We were the second to find it, three months after it was hidden. We stayed the most current finder for quite a while, too. It made me feel happy inside, concquering that cache as all the more regular regulars shyed away.

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Did you decrypt the hint. Sounds like you cant find the cache without it.

I took pictures and sent them to the cache owner and pointed out where I was looking and she said I was in the right area. Oh well. I suppose I just wasn't mean to find that one. B)

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