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When you join the Premium Membership deal, one of the things it talks about is this:


Premium Membership logo: Each premium member will have an icon next to their name indicating that they help support the Geocaching.com site.


Anyone know where or when these logo's pop up? I've never seen them or maybe I don't know where to look...


Just wondering

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The only places I'm aware of that this is indicated is a red + next to their name in the forum listings of who's viewing a given page, and in the user's profile, it will say that they are a member.


Edit: I was unclear.

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I think there used to be a little black & white picture on premium member profile pages that was a simple outline of a human head. 

That's the default thingie you get if you don't upload a personal pic. I thought about leaving mine, as in, "Hi! I'm a menacing silhouette!"

No, the one I used to see was really small, like 10px square.

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