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  1. I am not sure if it is my computer or what. I cannot log any finds today. The cache page loads fine but when I click on log visit, it times out and I get a server not available error. Is this just me or is there a conspiracy?
  2. I usualy just start talking very loudly to myself. I have even started arguing with myself. This usually chases away any muggles, but I have to leave in a hurry so I don't get a police welfare check.
  3. Milbank, do work for the government? This sounds like a "big brother" thing!!
  4. If you are a huey driver as your name suggests, it should be relatively simple. Use a compass at the first point to shoot an azmuith or a "vector" if you will. There is one like this in Idaho.
  5. When in the woods, I carry a .22 in a tactical thigh holster. Makes it look a lot bigger. In urban areas I have my walking stick and a partner. I just make sure that I can outrun my partner and if not, that is what the stick is for. Very similar to caching in bear country.
  6. Just a thought, is the little yellow guy able to take downloads? If so maybe you should check to see if there is any updated software available. As for accuracy, I cache with a friend that uses one and it was more accurate than my Legend. just a thought.
  7. Since it is while waiting for a GPS, I cried and whined to my financial counselor, (wife) until she said I could go get it. Before geocaching I rode motorcycles on the weekends and gimped around alot during the week.
  8. Had to throw in my two bits. Having worked for both a county and city law enforcement, either should be well versed in gun laws for their respective areas. Some cities will be more restrictive than counties. I carry quite often and have never had to lwt my carry be known. With all the drug activity in remote area's, where I like to cache, I just want to be on the safe side. And to reiterate a quote that is very near and dear to me, " I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."
  9. Armando, have you contacted Rob and asked what happened? Rob did not mention how he was shipping. The only problem we had was contacting NurseDave. Couldn't match a check to a name or e-mail account. I know Rob had tried to get a hold of Dave a couple of times without luck.
  10. I am only replying because I saw Sparkey's reply. Went out and found the remnants of a cache. Contents were scattered around a twenty foot area. We found the log book and it even had a description of the events of the cache's demise. We signed the log book and made arrangements to get it back to the owner. Logged it as a find and noted it needed to be archived.
  11. I think badandy is a little biased. I helped Idahotimbrwolf sort the coins and I was amazed how they were shipped. All the coins came in a plastic sleeve and the etched ones were grouped together. I was realy impressed.
  12. I guess being in the Northwest is considered close.
  13. I just have to ask, do you really put it on the top of your hat and go out caching? That would really make it hard to be inconspicuous.
  14. Does anyone believe that Russia did not have similar technology? And all of that is for sale now to the highest bidder. Sleep well.
  15. I peruse the forums regularly. At the start of this thread I thought the world was coming to an end. After the last two posts, I know all is right. For complete normalcy, we just need an appearance from sparky.
  16. Most of Divine's list with Iron Maiden and Wasp thrown in.
  17. Just as a container, we have found a couple that were an old shoulder fired missle containers. Whenh you are hunting on the outskirts of a military range, makes you think twice.
  18. Alway's cache with a stick and someone who is hopefully slower than you. You can use the stick to ensure you get the cache first, or as a way to make sure you zre the faster prey.
  19. boomhwr653


    Gee bum, did you get some sleep or is your lithium level theraputic?
  20. Idaho has had a lot of that with the jeep travel bugs. Kind of sad way to get a souvineer.
  21. Been a member for a while, lurked most and posted infrequently. I miss sparky, his rants made me feel all was right with the world.
  22. Thanks ralann, I needed that affimation.
  23. I just looked at one of my posts. I know I am a member, but it is not listed on my profile. Before I stand up for memberships, I sure want credit for having one. Really though, should I be concerned about my membership?
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