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Changing Name


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I want to change my user name ever so slightly. It is now Ham_Bone and I want to change it to Hambone (no underscore).


According to the site this username already exists. But when I look up for a username by Hambone it turns out he (or she) hasn't logged in since March 2002. He/She has no finds, no hides, and no forum posts.


If this account is inactive I would like to change my username to it.


Is this possible.


(FYI: I just sent an email to the account to see if it is active and will await a response.)

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I changed my name a long time ago. At that time, it automatically changed all the previous finds from the old name to the new on the cache pages. I think now, they will change after an update to the page is made, like a new log, or a page change.


One thing to note is that the text in your logs will not change. For example, I usually sign all my logs. Before the change, I was "Taz." After the change the cache pages showed my new name on my finds, but the actual logs had my old name signed to them. I tried changing them, but I don't think I got them all.


Lastly, I don't think a name change would affect your stats.

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At one time, I was considering changing my username, but would like to know what the consequences are for doing so, in particular, the affect on caches pages and my statistics.


Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

It has no affect on your stats. They all remain tied to your account regardless of how many times you change your name. It does take a while for the new name to show up on cache pages though- the old one will be visible on each page until it is updated, say by somebody making a log to the cache. It does take a little longer for every one to get used to the new name, though, especially if you've been caching a while... I changed mine over a year ago and some people still use the old one from time to time.

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