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  1. My URL http://www.myspace.com/hambone919 My wife set it up. I rarely ever check it, for one reason I cannot access myspace from work. The other reason, I think myspace can be kinda creepy.
  2. Welcome racerboy. If you see TA McClendon tell him I said he worked out like I thought he would. I see you have already joined the NCGO website. This is a great location to meet some new caching friends and learn about some the great caches and cachers in NC. Have fun out there!!!
  3. To add to the standard statement: if you don't like stats, don't read them. Its quite that simple. The only person who lends credibilty to a stat is the interpreter. Don't you know that 84% of all stats are made up[]
  4. If you leave it on 95 near Rocky Mount I have a close friend who lives there (ww8ball) who would probably pick it up for me if I bought him a beer. I could then get it during my intermittent trips home [edited for an incomplete thought]
  5. Hey FP. Glad you got back from the sandbox across the pond. Looks like you "Used Your Noodle!!" I'm in mid GA now and would love to have it. I've had plans on placing a seed cache ever since I found out I was moving down here.
  6. I am trying to import a Mapsource file into the Arc/Poly filter for a route. I saved the Mapsource file as a *.mps file extension. When I choose to load the file in the filter I get an error message that pops up saying: "Could not Find c:\\Program Files\GSAK\temp\arcin.txt." I have just downloaded the newest version of GSAK and continue to get this error. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Brother Frog, sounds like a great idea (one that I was going to suggest until I did a search and found this thread. What I would like to see included with the listing is a day and time of stated communications. Something to let the brethern know when they can attend.
  8. Congrats to Medic208 on hitting his 1000 at Method To My Madness on 7-22-05. I am proud to say I was there for about 30% of those. Here's to many thousand more!!
  9. We indeed did have a great time. Rocky Mount has exploded and has a number of excellent caches with a core group leading the charge. Can't wait to see what comes out of Dexter's Evil Labratory next!!
  10. Sounds like CR is a founding member (or needs to be)!
  11. If ya'll won't mind to indulge me I would like to request an avatar (and an image to use on my forthcoming sig item that I haven't figured out yet. Here's my idea: I'm overweight (I'm working on it but it's going to take a while) and my nickname is Hambone (my last name is Hamilton and my build leads to the obvious!) I would like to an avatar/sig item that shows a hog (North Carolina is the hog capital , and best BBQ around IMHO, of the world)doing something a fat person (such as myself would do). In my mind self depreaciating humor is the best so let them fly, I will not be offended in the least!!
  12. nctreker has an excellent list for the Triangle area
  13. When all else fails...get a bigger hammer!! Thanks for the advice.
  14. GPX Sonar is the absolutely best product to use on a Pocket PC IMNSHO. However, mine is acting a little funny. I am no longer able to see the icons for cache type or log type. Instead I see what looks like a Windows standard icon. I am running GPX Sonar on an Ipaq running Pocket PC 2002 o/s. Anyone know of any fixes I can do??
  15. Earlier this evening my Garmin Vista wacked out. The screen started having running lines and eventually became unreadable. Has anyone else had this trouble? Is there a cure??
  16. Hambone

    Handle Change

    I would like to change my handle from Ham_Bone to Hambone. There is already a user by the name of Hambone, however, he/she has no finds, no hides, no forums posts, and the account has not been validated. The account was created on 3/21/02 and has not visited the site since 3/31/02. If this is possible it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I have recently "procured" a copy of Mapsource and uploaded it to my laptop. I was wanting to use a feature in Mapsource that allows real time tracking of the movements by hooking a cable to my Garmin Vista to the laptop. However, the cable supplied with the Vista has a female serial port. There is not a serial port on the laptop. I got a male serial to male parallel adapter from Radio Shack to hook up to the laptop and it did not work. Radio Shack also sells a serial port to USB converter cable but it is $42.00. This a lot of money to spend for it not to work. I realize I can return it but thats a hassle I want to avoid. My first question is...can this be done. It works on my desktop computer while sitting in the house (I actually get satellites in the house). But that is because the desktop has a male serial port on it. My second question is, if it can be done, what kind of cable or adapter is needed to do this? Any assistance is appreciated.
  18. Hambone

    Changing Name

    I want to change my user name ever so slightly. It is now Ham_Bone and I want to change it to Hambone (no underscore). According to the site this username already exists. But when I look up for a username by Hambone it turns out he (or she) hasn't logged in since March 2002. He/She has no finds, no hides, and no forum posts. If this account is inactive I would like to change my username to it. Is this possible. (FYI: I just sent an email to the account to see if it is active and will await a response.)
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