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New Benchmark Icons For Some Garmin Units

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I was going to delete the .zip file with the icons from my web server today because I didn't think anyone used it anymore.

I have been away from benchmark and geocaching hunting for a while and had forgoten about this post. After I went over my server logs I noted that it still gets downloaded quite a few times each month since I first posted it.


I will leave it there untill whenever. :o


I think I am going to start back at finding benchmarks again after looking over the forums and FAQ.

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This might belong in Software/UNits, but I thought I woud try not making a new thread first.


Does anyone have idea on how to get a custom image to display on the garmin for a block of benchmarks at once?


The only way I have found to do it to;


1)Download the benchmarks to a loc file,

2)Load that LOC file into Mapsourse

3)Select all waypoint and change the waypoint properties for the Symbol to Customer Image 1

4)With the custom images already uploaded to my 60csx, upload the waypoints to the GPS and they will display with the benchmark symbol?


Works well for getting the image to display on the GPSr, but revers engineering does not work, when you download the waypoints it does not bring the symbol with it.


Any thoughts on getting it display in the mapping program?

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I created my own icons starting with this set a long time ago to help me keep track of my finds, etc.


I have icons for Not Searched For (just a disk image), Found (a disk with a green check), Not found (a disk with a red X), and Destroyed (a disk with a red line through it), and even one for Previously Destroyed (a disk with a question mark), which are marks that are marked Destroyed in the NGS database but that I wanted to search for at one point.


I am at work now but will provide those icons and instructions on how to load them. I know they load in my Mapsource program as well as the GPSr. I update my searched-for benchmarks on Mapsource with the appropriate icon, then put it in a matching category. That way I can show or hide any category of mark quickly.


Look for more tonight.

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