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First Geocache In Nj Ever Was....


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Does anyone have a link to the coordinates for the first geocache in the U.S? I believe there is a marker there. I'm on my way out to Seattle soon, and I think I'll be close enough to make a pilgrimage.



Hey Toast. Welcome back to the Forums!

I've been looking for your picture on milk cartons.


Here's the cache




And here's the plaque




Hope to see your name in some Jersey caches soon.

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Check the Hidden date on the cache page. Gerbil was hidden 11/25/2000. The other two in 2001. I found Gerbil not long ago. Still has the original log book. Interesting reading. It was something how in the early days of geocaching, people would come from pretty far away to bag a cache. The early log has geocachers from PA, NY and CT in it. You don't see much of that now, unless the cacher happens to be visiting the area for another reason.

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I'm new to this whole thing and I've only found five caches, but my first was the blairstown airport cache.....I just knew it!!!! I knew when I bought my first GPS, (Magellian 4000) back in the mid 90's...That there would someday be a game or organization like this!!!!! I asked a friend of mine, who also had a GPS....If I go hide something , out in the woods...would you go try to find it?. He said sure. But we never did it!

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