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Time To Toot My Own Horn And For Eli As Well...

Man In The Wild

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We recently found our 500th cache--a FTF for Bluet's Forgotten Cache (and yes we did answer her question) a month ago yesterday, and on the 4th of July we hit #600 at a virtual cache in Nashville (one of two) during a wagon train cache run where we grabbed 100 caches in 11 1/2 hours--then ran off for an incredible fireworks show. Our cache count is now at 665 and I don't expect it to stay there very long...


On to Eli... her cache count may say 441, but I'm sure she found a good number more caches than us on this trip since she arrived several hours before us and was kidnapped by some other cachers the first night. We know she passed 500 and if she found 18 more caches than us, she reached 600 as well. I know she found a lot that first night, but some were repeated during the cache run. I'm sure she's happy like us to be back home in WV to find a few more ammo boxes in the woods!

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AJ-We actually found over 140 caches (I missed a few when logging--it should be about 145 when I'm done) on that trip. You can easily get 100 in a day. While we were there Leprechaun and carleenp found 242 in 24 hours, and they seem to think with the right team and planning someone should be able to reach 300 someday. I'd say there's a good chance especially since they keep placing more caches there. Don't try this if you don't like log only micros!

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