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Help: Mapsource Topo Canada


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Hmmm, what am I doing wrong...?


I have the new Topo on my Vista but don't see any of the topo lines on the screen.

The maps for the area are loaded, they're enabled, I have set to MOST detail, I installed v3.60 f/w and no difference,


When I zoom out to the 5km setting the rivers show up as the screen redraws, but then they all disappear after a 1/4 second.

When I zoom in the 3km setting, I see topo lines as the screen redraws, but then they all disappear after a 1/4 second.


Thanks, Park2

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I just loaded the topos last Wednesday for Algonquin in time for our weekend camping/hiking/caching (I have the Garmin 60C). With the 60C you have to go to the map setup menu and then "hide" the MetroGuide Canada v4 and "show" the MetroGuide Topos Canada. Worked like a charm. And yes, the "show all" and increasing the level of detail still would not display the topos and the metroguide at the same time (metroguide only).


Maybe the same will work for you and your Vista. Good luck.



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