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The security situation combined with the heat means that some TBs have been hanging around longer than their owners might wish.


We will over the next few months make a concerted effort to clear them out and move them on out of the Kingdom.


Please feel free to assist in this campaign. The Lawrence (GCG2TR) may provide a suitable pick up point for those TBs on "Exit Only"


Some caches present quite a challenge and TBs residing in those we will leave for the cache owners next maintenance check.

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TBs tend to get stuck in Saudi Arabia - for many reasons. Why not post them on TB Rescue and wait for help?


TB Rescue




We check for stranded TBs each time we go out on holiday.


We took 3 to the UK last year that had been stuck in a cache near Riyadh for 3 years!! They were more than happy to be moved to a milder climate and on their way to their destinations.


We are taking 7 with us to the USA next week - after a tour of Saudi Arabia.

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