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  1. Photograph taken from "Oh Bullocks" (GCQP74). Oh by the way it was after dark!
  2. You may need to be quick. The life of the caches I set in Abu Dhabi were very short!
  3. Huh the caches do not last long before being pillaged. The only ones that do survive are some distance out. Be careful of police. Wandering around with a GPS is reason enough to enjoy a short trip to the police station where you will need to prove your ID!
  4. ... and all from a few photographs. Go out and bag those geocaches. And when you are next in Riyadh, bag a few more.
  5. A tad unfair. The Riyadh Escarpment about 1000ft prevents Riyadh developing that way and expains the progress northwards. Abha a shade under 10000ft is only 75kms from the coast. West of the Taif Escarpment is very recent volcanic acticity and yes Saudi still has one active volcano and is on the edge of a plate. SE we have the most marvellous sand dunes found anywhere (some of which are nealry 1000ft themselves). To the North we have an area of limestone with facinating caves. Agreed on the Iraq border it is flat but who wants to be there. Oh and our geocaching community includes the US military with a senior rank partcipating (secuity prevents me saying more) and a marine or two. That said I love to geocache in the US it is so relatively easy to make finds
  6. I was there as well and ended up immediately at the top of the highway for about six weeks waiting to go home. Geocaching in Saudi is awesome. There are few places with the variety of terrain that we have and most is accessible not hidden behind fences nor, strangely enough, do we have people asking what we are up to. The comment following yours suggested the photo had been photoshopped but those here will know that it is unlikely. The picture was taken on the Escarpment SE of Riyadh. I am interested in the string about the proposed legislation in SC. Here the authorities have clicked on to geocaching as a way of getting people around the Kingdom to see what there is and are encoraging it including a propsed TV programme. !
  7. We have three but one is worthy of mention a bush two hours drive over nothing but sand and there is it. How it survives noone knows it needs water and avoid being cut down for firewood. One thing is certain it must be one of the few caches which you can be certain you have found several miles away.
  8. HADIDAH'S METEORITE (Hadidah, Ar-Rub' al-Khali) (GCAA76) is two days off the black top travelling over sand to get there and the same back. You need to carry of lot of gas and water. Fortunately you are rewarded by a fairly easy find once you get there. You don't want to return with a DNF after making a journey like that. I chuckled once when someone did exactly that and the group photo taken at the site had them clearly standing around the feature in which the cache was located. I have bagged a 5*/5* and it put me off slightly. It is a bit tedious looking for practically the impossible after making an exacting journey. You normally only give these one shot. That said there is room for such caches for completeness.
  9. Have you seen the photos of geocaching in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps more extreme than the average. They are at: Geocaching photos - Saudi Arabia
  10. Boy am I glad to hear that. BMW and Mercedes make fine car but both their weak spots are 4WD. I am hoping to win the Range Rover. DW
  11. I would be surprised if it has been geomuggled but swept away in the bad weather... now there's a possibility!
  12. It took us several attempts to find the Tears. We were always too high. There is a natural path we used a tad higher than the waterfall that contours the cliff face eastwards. The cache is under a ledge below the path. Because the face is fairly vertical and accuracy not the best it can be difficult to find the right area. Once you are at the ledge the cache is easily seen. I assume the setter guessed this would never be found by a muggle. We give you this information, though the set is not ours, because allsorts has been off-air since the leader of the group moved to Australia. Members of the group however are still actively hunting.
  13. With our back to Faisal's Finger we could see them charging down on us four mounted on two grey shires. The path was not wide enough for us to pass so were we to do a Little John and Friar Tuck. Nay chivalry demanded we make room and so we pulled over. Pass they swept - Jimicah, Cowboyknightz, Abnrgrcib and Saber6. Desert Warrior turned to Dick Turpin and said "So those are the new boys on the patch".
  14. Recently cleared out a batch out to NZ and Oz. A real treat for some who felt that their TB had been lost then to gain a few miles.
  15. Though I agree entirely that there was something mystical about his waterfall and I travel this route often and have yet to see it, I have to disagree with mhfares overs the rivers in the sand. To see that much water flowing in torrents and then a week later not a sign of it except a few remnants of the carved out banks is something we will all remember for a very long time. Great idea for the prize though. To do this we will we need to attract a few more members in to this forum. I am away for a month and on my return I will start tempting people here. My first line of attack will be the forum cache... but maybe mhfares will beat me to it.
  16. Gartrip is a great little programme though geocachers hereabouts appear to have standardised on Oziexplorer. If you pay for the software you may calibrate more that two points and this greatly assists in producing accurate waypoints and tracks.
  17. Now I wonder what mhfares will make of these? Rivers in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand River in the sand
  18. ...and in went the TB Kingdom Wanderer, a cache I did not expect him to visit. I fear it may now be in for a long wait before moving along. Drat!
  19. To remind you of home and to throw down the gauntlet. If you can bag "1776 And All That" (GCHE82) and "Go North Young Man" (GCJW0F) before exit-only we will feel obliged to climb the cliff.
  20. On a serious note it is a diffcult one. I am not sure that honesty is the best policy and may lead to closing down of the activity. Just using a GPS creates suspicion. I believe setters in the Emirates must take this into account when placing caches and ensure that they are not in locations that excite the authorities. Certainly the Emirates has its share of caches demanding courage. Speak English, stay friendly and go for the contact lens gambit that must surely frustrate most.
  21. It would be helpful if somewhere amongst the member data, subscribers could find out from when their subscription was effective and therefore know when a renewal is required also somewhere the procedure for renewing is listed. Perhaps the information is there and I have yet to stumble across it.
  22. Jeremy asked for comments or bugs to be posted here. In the last version, short-cuts and favourites would take you to the list of caches in a nation. The new style page takes you to a search page, i.e. more key strokes required to get to a nation and a tad annoying.
  23. Thanks. Another useful tip from our Arab seekers. We have experienced several camps in the Summan area and it is truly wondrous. There is such a variety of scenery and so much to do.
  24. Thanks. Another useful tip from our Arab seekers. We have experienced several camps in the Summan area and it is truly wondrous. There is such a variety of scenery and so much to do.
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