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I read the FAQ's and the rules for hiding a cache. I was under the impression that you don't hide you cache until you have approval. Am I right or wrong about this?


I thought you go to your potential location, get your coordinates, submit your application and wait for approval, once approved you hide your cache.


Thanks in advance for your clarification....





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Your cache should be in place when you put the cache page into the review queue. If you have reviewed and followed the listing guidelines and done all your homework, your cache should be listed promptly. If you think your cache might have issues that could prevent it being listed, consider contacting your friendly volunteer cache reviewer in advance, before going through the effort of placing the cache.

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Another option would be


1) find spot

2) fill out report form, but uncheck the box that says it is active

3) place cache with the GC number on the box

4) modify report form to check the active box

5) get it approved


Some people like to do it this way so that they have the number already and they can take some time to get the page looking right before the box is put out in the wild. Just remember to uncheck the box.


Edit: I should have added a line that says triple check and check again to make sure the coordinates are accurate. Do this on several different days to get a good sampling of satellite coverage.

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