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How to cache without the GPS


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I have been using an E-trex Venture for my caching. However, I asked this same question in another thread, but figured this would be a good place too. Although I like using the gps is someone willing to explain to me through this thread or e mail how to geocache without the gps. I live in Philadelphia so a lot of the caches here are fairly easy to find so I would like to add some more challenge to the game by finding it without the aid of the unit itself. So if anyone knows how to find these like in the good old days before geocaching and is willing to talk that would be great.




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I usually hunt GPSr-less.


I go to www.lostoutdoors.com, plug in the coordinates of the cache I'm hunting, and print out the aerial photo and topo map. If the aerial is too out-of-date, I often also print out he aerial from Mapquest. Althpugh Mapquest aerials don't have the coordinates marked, I can usually mark them myself from the Lostoutdoors aerial.


From there, is just a matter of careful map and aerial photo reading.


Out of the 550+ caches I've found, I've now found well over 300 non-locationless caches without a GPSr. (about 64%)


The reason I prefer to hunt them this way is the additional challenge. Not using a GPSr can make most 1/1 to 2/2 caches a whole lot more interesting.


I also hunt benchmarks. I've now found 120+ benchmarks, and only used a GPSr once. Since the coordinates on most benchmarks are really ony estimates anyhow, hunting without a GPSr is actually easier, especially if the benchmark is already shown on the topo map.


Contact me off-line if I can be of further assistance.



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Hello Renyoldman,

If you just want to make the cache more challenging, try some midnight caches. The darkness and limited sight distance can quickly change the cache rating from a 1/1 to a 4/4. Just make sure the cache location can be approached after sunset. In some instances, it would not be allowed.

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adding an additional twist would be hunting caches in thick brush...at night.


I was up in the Payson, AZ area with another cacher (Scott from RopingTheWind) and one of the last caches we hit was about 8PM in the evening in the middle of some extremely dense brush. It turned this cache into a 4 easily for difficulty due to the darkness alone.

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