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Tb Bad Form?


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Suppose a TB has a goal to visit XX amount of caches by the end of the year. Would you consider it bad form if you picked up the TB from its present location and then as you spend the next day, week, month, (whatever period of time) caching you took it with you and placed it in the cache as soon as you find it and then take it back out with you when you leave.


Basically the TB would be at the cache long enough for you to sign the log. I can't decide if this is bad form or not. It would be a good thing to do to help the TB try and achive its goal, but I don't know if consider it fair to do it like this.


Suppose you have the same situation as above and have two caching familes doing the caching. I take it from cache A and move it to B and check it in. At cache B my brother checks it out and takes it to cache C where he check it in and I check it out.....I'll quit here because this is starting to sound like one of those word math problems :blink:


I know some people do this sort of thing with personal travel bugs to log their mileage while geocaching but I'm talking about a regular TB not one used for personal tracking.


So what's your opinion?



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My opinion is whatever the TB owner's opinion is. I would email him/her to ask what he/she thinks about the idea.


One of my geocoins has a goal to visit all 50 states. It was recently picked up by a cacher who planned to hit caches in several states. He emailed me and asked what I thought about having my geocoin by his travel companion for a while. I gave him the thumbs up and definitely appreciated the email.


This instance aside, I suspect most people like to see different cachers discover their bugs and would rather it be set free for others to find.

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I think that if the owner of the TB would specifically like different people to move the TB then they can put that in their TB discription. I'm sure many may not realize this is something that may happen, and therefore don't mention it in their description. However, most people will most likely just be happy that their bug is moving and not just sitting in a cache for a days, weeks, months. I think as long as the person who has posession of the TB contacts the owner to okay his journey, and logs the bug to show activity, that this situation is perfectly acceptable. Just my 2 cents.



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I have Geocoin pickep by by some newbie cacher. The person logged on the cache site (gecocaching.com) and indicated that he took the GC.


But he never bother to log the GeoCoin find tracking system. It's been awhile now and I never heard of my GeoCoin anymore. I presume the cacher kept it for himself.


I clearly stated on the GeoCoin webpage that I wanted to log mileage for it and have it moved the soonest possible you can.


What can I say?

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