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I don't have that unit nor do I have any knowledge of it. But I am interested why you chose to ask about that one?

I use a Magellan SportTrak Pro, but only because it was the best deal for me at the time. There are many treads discussing (arguing) the finer points of each unit.


I say: "Just buy one, and go caching" doesn't matter, you'll have fun!


Prophetically Challenged

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I have A yellow RINO,it is the greatest thing yet to me and worth the price.I also have a yellow E-trx and it is just about as good. I use to work at the E.P.N.G. Gila Compressor Station a way long ago.Do you happen to know Mr.Chancelor,or Pat ,From the Desert Rose,uhhhhhmaybe i otta stop ere..There is Gold out there in that hottest Place I ever been,I worked on the Pipe line there on the hottest summer on record. 15 days of 120+, found some in one of the old mines South you there.My recall button is not working as good as it use to and I will look up some of them old names out there.



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You'll get about as many different opinions as there are units. The cheif debate is between Magellan and Garmin. In reality, both companies make excellent units and each brand has its advantages and disadvangates.


Some people will swear by their Magellan and others will swear at it. Same for Garmin. You'll also find people who own both and prefer one, or the other.


This being said, I really like my eTrex Vista. I started with the Legend, but eventually upgraded because I wanted more memory. I like the fact that it's compact and can fit in my pants pocket. Because of that, I take it pretty much everywhere and even use it to mark my car in the mall parking lot. The new Gecko is even smaller, but doesn't have mapping (similar to the yellow eTrex in that respect).


If you don't do a lot of travelling, the Legend might be the better value. It's now less than $200 at Amazon.com, plus there is a $50 rebate from Garmin, which brings the cost of this fine unit below $150. I found the 8 meg of memory to hold a lot of topo maps.


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" -Abraham Lincoln


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Hello DuhNPookinz,


Always glad to see another 'Zonie here. I have not used the Vista, but can vouch for the Legend as did a prior poster. It has served me well and has all the features I need.


Good luck in the adventures ahead!



"I've never been lost, but I was a might bewildered for three days once." - Daniel Boone

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