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Nj/ny Must Do Caches?

The Cache Couple

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My family and myself will be heading to NJ this coming week and plan on doing a little caching when not visiting family. We will be mainly in the Bridgeton area as well as visiting Atlantic City for a day. We will be also going to the big city (NYC) for about a day and a half.

Does anyone suggest any "must do" caches in any of these areas? Thanks for your suggestions in advance. :lol:

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When going from Atlantic City to NYC, Cheesequake State Park is just off the Garden State Parkway - there is a lot of nice caches and easy hiking trails if you avoid the few terrain 4 caches there (swamp). And they have a giant live crab in the visitors center.

Also Allaire State Park is close to GSP but I have never been caching there.

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There are a bunch of caches in Central Park - I would suggest Imagine and In the Ramble. The first is located in Strawberry Fields and the second, in its namesake. Both are fun hunts in CP.


There's also myPause cache, which is located near the 59th Street Bridge. I like this one a lot - then again, it's mine! :D


Good luck and let me know if you need any other ideas for NYC caches.


Edit: Forgot this cache!


Let me know if you're interested in hitting any of the other boroughs or LI.

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Well, if you have the time this cache is a whole lot of fun and is not too far from Bridgeton (about a 20 minute drive).


Of course, I have to shamelessly and tactlessly plug 2 of our caches which are in a really beautiful preserve (also about 20 minutes from Btn)!! :)


Just north of AC, this cache is a really nice wetland/birding preserve.


Just don't forget the DEET! Ticks are out in full force. Mosquitos/greenheads/strawberry flies/grats are also making an appearance! :)

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